Friday, August 03, 2012

Thanks, guys!

In response to my concern that I might not have enough yarn for DD2's Mythos cardigan, Keja wrote and offered her leftovers of the same colourway. That's so nice of you, thank you! :) But fortunately, I don't need it:

Completed, 'in action', front

(if you're wondering why she looks like she doesn't have legs, she does - she's just wearing light pink tights which kind of vanish against the white cabinetry)

Made it by the skin of my teeth - I had a little bit left over, maybe a couple of yards. I then realised later, after I'd thrown all the end bits out, that I'd forgotten to sew the garter stitch selvedge. But DD2 and I decided that it didn't matter, the cardigan looked fine without that:

Completed, 'in action', back

Here it is lying flat:

Completed, front

Completed, back

Now I just need to find her some kind of pretty pin to close it up with. It'll be great for the fall when she goes back to school!

I also want to thank everyone who commented offering suggestions as to how I could finish off DD3's Secret Garden cardigan without having to rip everything back. I am still in the denial/avoidance phase, so I haven't given any of the suggestions serious thought yet, but when I get over myself and get back to the project, I definitely will!


Peyton VanNarwhal said...

Very pretty! Both the cardigan and the DD!

Anonymous said...

WOW - the sweater is beautiful - love DD2's hair also.

Keja said...

No worries, glad you were able to make it work - and wow is she ever growing up!