Monday, July 09, 2012

An update

Scads of knitting has been getting done, I just haven't been blogging about it. Likely because I've been too busy knitting. :)

DH's Durrow sweater has seen a lot of love:

In progress, 2012-07-09

DD3's Secret Garden cardigan is almost all done:

In progress, 2012-07-09

If there seem to be a lot of strands of yarn in that shot, it's because I have never actually broken any yarn on this project. Everything's attached to everything else. Why? Because I strongly suspected that I would be yardage-ly challenged and would have to frog some stuff. And indeed, I only have this much yarn left to do the collar and button bands:

Yarn left for Secret Garden

Pretty sure I'm screwed.

I've been procrastinating on doing anything further because I'm kind of despondent about it. I don't actually want to discover that I'm right about not having enough yarn, even though I'm quite sure I don't have enough yarn. And if/when I do discover that I don't have enough yarn, I haven't come up with a decent plan about how to fix it. I still want to make this cardigan with this yarn in this size, doubled; and I don't want to have to knit it allllll over again. So I'm stalling.

I got all the knitting and weaving in of ends done on DD2's cardigan:

In progress, 2012-07-09

We also chose the buttons. I just have to sew them on and then I'm done!

I finished DD1's Pemberley Slippers.

top view:

Completed, top view

side view:

Completed, side view

pretend-there's-someone-in-'em view:


And I've been working like heck on a new design. This one is a labour of love, for a little boy who recently lost his sister. (He also has two baby brothers who died in infancy. I cannot begin to imagine the pain the parents carry around daily.) I can't bring her back, but I feel the need to do something, so naturally, I am knitting. The design involves a metric s**t-ton of math and I've been spending a lot of quality time with paper, pencils, a calculator and spreadsheets. But I've finally made good headway on The Final Product, and am really really pleased so far. I have a pretty idea of where I'm going to submit this, but I don't think the issue will open up for a while, so we'll see how it goes.

DD1, in the throes of a superhero obsession, and having designed her own superhero outfit for her "Whippy Woman" character, has discovered that putting pink socks on your hands doesn't really work very well and has asked me to knit her some pink gloves. I am actually considering doing it. I just need the yarn, since, me being me, I have almost nothing pink in the stash.

All of this, however, will shortly be put on hold because I have two sample items to knit. :) Can't wait to write more details about them, but that will have to wait!


Danielle Baines said...

Would it offend your sensibilities if the secret garden had shorter sleeves than written in the pattern? And would that be enough to finish the collar and bands?

Joanne said...

Is that colour Green Tea Heather?
Do they have a worsted weight yarn in the colour that you used? It would be ok for the button band and collar maybe....

Joanne said...

oops! I forgot to add that I love your projects!!!
I looked back on your previous post and noticed it is the green tea heather. It's available in the wool of the andes. Not sure if that would work. :D