Friday, July 13, 2012

And also, more yarn

There's been stash enhancement happening around here lately!

First of all, I picked up some Rowan Summer Tweed on sale at Lettuce Knit two Wednesdays ago. I have absolutely no concrete ideas about what I'm going to do with it all, but I couldn't resist it.

Firstly, four skeins of a lovely light blue that will probably turn into something for DD1 - we've been discussing it and are thinking shawl or skirt:

Rowan Summer Tweed

Secondly, two skeins of navy and one skein of a kind of tweedy medium blue, which I'm thinking of combining into a single garment, although I'm currently uninspired for what that garment might be:

Rowan Summer Tweed

Rowan Summer Tweed

I also bought some Sisu sock yarn in off-white and blue for a prototype I'm working on.

And finally, I happened to mention to DH that The Yarn Store in Newmarket was having a big yarn sale. Next thing I know, he's left the house and come back with quite a haul. (He's apparently been saving up his fun money for a while to be able to afford some yarn fun!) He's not so good with the digital camera, but I think you get the idea:

Yarn sale

That thar is two balls of Online Supersocke Vintage Color (one turquoise, one purple); three skeins of a really lovely handpainted merino yarn (DH has no idea how to use the yarn database linking feature on Ravelry so unfortunately I don't know what the yarn actually is but by gosh it's lovely to squeeze) and seven balls of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk.

I want that turquoise sock yarn so badly, I can't tell ya.

He also hit our LYS for the same blue colour of Sisu that I bought so he could make socks for DD1 for Christmas. And we've got some bamboo fingering weight yarn in glorious purples winging its way towards him as I type, which he will be using to make another Christmas present which I should probably not talk about here juuuust in case. (Sadly, it's not for me.)

Yeah, all our spending money is pretty much gone now!

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