Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I spent more money

Shortly after my Knit Picks purchase, I discovered that Interweave was having a "hurt book sale". I went and immediately found a slew of books I wanted, but scaled back significantly on my initial add-to-cart-fest so that my next credit card bill wouldn't be too horrific. These three ended up being my favourites:

Purchases, Interweave hurt book sale

I'm looking forward to poring over them in detail. DH is also keenly interested in reading all of them!

Then later, I caved even further and bought the complete 2007 Interweave Knits collection (including the gift issue) in downloadable format. A lot of patterns that I really liked were published in 2007 and I've been wanting the collection for some time, so to have it 40% off was fairly irresistible, not to mention a damn good deal.

Work on various projects proceeds apace, although I'm still not caught up with all the photography on it. I've finished the back of DH's Durrow sweater and have started on the front, and am just a few yards away from finishing off yarn ball #4. On DD3's Secret Garden cardigan, I've finished the main body and have started the sleeves. I'm doing them simultaneously to avoid Second Sleeve Despondence. So far, I've finished the increasing and am just working straight until it's time to start decreasing for the shoulder curves. Did I mention the yarn was lovely and squishy? Yes? Well, it's worth mentioning again. So squishy.

I did, however, finish DD1's turquoise frilly scarf and have the pictures to prove it:


Completed, 'in action'

I'm also still on such a high from that felted purse I made for DD1's morning teacher that I'm thinking of making up a bunch of felted bag patterns and writing an e-book out of them. Most of my mental energy is now being dedicated to telling myself that I should take on just one challenge at a time. This year is the year of twelve submissions. Then I can felt bags. Yes. (I'm not sure which voice is winning so far.)

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