Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh, what the heck

When you've already got sixty WIPs on the needles, what's another more.

Don't look at me like that. I was feeling virtuous, having finished DH's birthday socks:


...and made another cupcake for Carin:


(it matches her wedding colours)

So I felt perfectly justified to succumb to a sudden hankering to use up the sparkly pink DK yarn I got from my kids for Mother's Day.

In progress, 2012-05-27

This is Zoe Mellor's Lacy Sweater pattern, which has been in my queue for ages and I like it a whole lot. Making the largest size (3-4 years) looked like it would use up most of the yarn, so I figured I'd make it and set it aside for a few years until DD3 grew into it. (Or, if it came out kind of big, let DD2 wear it for a little while and then set it aside for DD3.)

I started it Saturday night, made excellent progress, and then proudly showed it to my older two girls on Sunday morning. DD1 thought it was great. DD2 was not so thrilled. You see, DD2 had wanted me to make a blanket out of the yarn.


(How I could possibly have guessed this since I was given just 200g of the stuff, I'll never know. Nevertheless, a blanket for her baby sister is what she had envisioned.)

So I told her I would try. And now I'm fooling around with blanket pattern ideas. I'll see how far I can make it on one ball of yarn and then figure out whether it's sizeable enough to make knitting the second half worth it. If so, I'll rip out the sweater-in-progress and use it for the blanket. If not, I'll rip out the blanket and keep going on the sweater. Worst case scenario, I'll still have a new blanket design to submit somewhere, so it's kind of win-win.

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