Friday, April 27, 2012

I canna change the laws of physics

Sometimes, when designing (at least, this is true for me), I think something is going to work a certain way (and that it will be devastatingly cool), but it's hard to completely visualise it, so I have to test it out.

Well, my latest test just failed. I got burned by the complexity of double knitting. Turns out that a great idea I had doesn't work the way I wanted, is never going to work the way I want it (because of the nature of what happens when you reverse your fabric), and I'm either going to have to abandon the design idea altogether or come up with a way to do it that isn't so complex that I will send any knitters who try to make the pattern screaming into the streets.


On the "matter can't be created" front, I had absolutely no luck (as expected) going stashdiving to try and find 8 more grams of something I could use to finish off the edging on DD1's Muppet Roadkill blanket. I also searched people's stashes on Ravelry to see if there was anyone local with any to spare - also, no luck.

So...riiiiiiip. Yep. All that edging, all 37+ repeats that I'd already done - hit the frog pond. With one month to go before the birthday, I restarted, this time using an edging that would take up less yarn. (It's the same edging as before, but with fewer lines of stitches in between yarnovers.) So far, so good - after just three days of work, I've done the first side and turned the first corner.

No celebrating yet, though - I've been battling Startitis lately. It wants me to make socks for myself, out of this:

Fortissima Mexiko purple

So far I am resisting its tractor beam-like pull, but there is no telling how long I can hold out.


Anonymous said...

not to add to the Startitis contagion, but that ball of yarn sure looks spring-like!

Carrie#K said...

Frogged the muppetroadkill and immediately found the perfect yarn to finish it off? If not, you have definitely thwarted a law of nature, at least. :)

The visual of a project that sends knitters screaming into the streets amuses me greatly.