Saturday, March 24, 2012


(Too sick; didn't knit.)

Well, that was unpleasant. And I'm still coughing and snorking like crazy and wishing things would start tasting normal again. But at least the fever and joint pain are all gone. The lethargy is also mostly vanquished.


So yeah, I haven't picked up any knitting at all recently. But I can show you where I got to before I was taken down. As I mentioned, I had tried to do a garter stitch yoke vest for a co-worker's impending (or possibly already here) baby out of Patons Kroy Socks FX, but I ran out of yarn. Here's as far as I got:


I briefly considered doing something completely different for this baby, but then decided to be stubborn. So I ripped back some socks that I'd started working on for a friend of mine (I'll knit her socks another time) and used that yarn instead. I'm not sure exactly how thrilled I am about how the striping worked up in the garter stitch part, but hopefully once it's all done I'll like it a bit better. Right now I'm this far along:

In progress, 2012-03-24

This shot doesn't do the yarn colours justice, though. It's a lot more rich and seafoamy in real life. Hopefully I'll have better photographic luck on the next progress shot I do. Which I guess means I'll have to start making more progress. Which I guess means actually knitting.

[big deep contemplative breath]

Yeah, not quite there yet. Soon, though.

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