Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plague house

I should have known how this year's March Break was going to go when DD1 came into my room on Thursday morning complaining of a sore throat and nausea. She was running a slight fever too, so we kept her home. Fast forward to that evening and she was experiencing a full-on stomach bug at both ends. Then congestion and a cough set in. Meanwhile, the fever was bouncing up and down (it would be fine in the morning, but then come back by the evening). I tried my level best to separate her from everyone else in the family, but sure enough, yesterday DD2 and DH got it; fortunately with just the fever and throat/cough, not the stomach nastiness. I am waiting with bated breath (and horror) for this nastiness to hit me and DD3. DD1 is only just starting to get over things now.

Needless to say, my planned trip into the office with my kids to visit with my co-workers, show off DD3, and hand out baby gifts, is not happening this week. Not that I haven't been working on getting things ready anyway, though! We have a completed Kitty Woobie:


We have a completed Tea Party Frock:


Completed, front


Completed, back

And we have a completed-thing-for-my-boss-that-I-can't-show-you-now. (But I'm really pleased with it.)

I also gave up on the garter stitch yoke vest from my last post, because I became pretty sure that I wouldn't have enough yarn. Instead, I grabbed some leftover Patons Kroy Socks FX I had in the stash... (the purple one on the right)

Kroy samples

...and started doing the vest pattern with that instead, using 3.25mm needles to account for the thinner yarn. (I figured this would give me a more newborn-size garment instead of the 1-2 years size that the pattern as written is supposed to give you.) Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn two rows before starting the skirt of the cardigan. Also, turns out that it's got rather a lot of pink in it, and I'd like to make it more gender-neutral because I don't know what the co-worker I'm giving this to is having. So I'm thinking I might just come up with another idea altogether for that gift.

Which means I'm kind at loose ends for something to do right now. The responsible thing to do would be to get back to my "12 in 12" challenge. As you may recall, I have chosen the challenge of making 12 design submissions in 2012. And to that end...I'm kinda considering putting together a book proposal.

Zowee. I really must be coming down with something.

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