Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One step back, two steps forward

DH spent a lot of time with the baby on Monday so that I could forge ahead with my swatching for my design proposal. And I did...but...in the process discovered that I needed to make a lot of changes to the charts. Changes that would take a lot more figuring and charting and swatching. I estimated that I could neglect my husband and kids and chores a lot over the next week or so in order to pull it off before the submission deadline, but that I and everyone around me would be much happier if I didn't. So I have let the second 2012 design idea drop for the moment (it's totally worth revisiting down the road, though) and submitted the first 2012 design just by itself. So that's ONE.

And in celebration of making an adult, rational decision about My Knitting vs. The Big Picture, I got a little done on my Elizabeth of York vest. Not much, though, as I discovered several rows in that I'd been making a mistake in the pattern for the past, well, several rows, and had to do some surgery.

Today, in order to keep going on the 12-in-12 challenge, I dug up all the swatches and notes I had on my next 2012 design idea. However, in the process, I ran across a chart for another idea I'd had...oh...probably a few years ago now...and started thinking about what I could do with that. So I grabbed some yarn and needles and got started on something completely different. So far, so good.

I also completed my friend's daughter's cardigan!


Completed, front


Completed, back

Those pictures, although fairly colour accurate, make the thing look pretty swampy...but in person, the colours are actually really fabulous. It should suit the soon-to-be-birthday girl very well. I really hope she likes it! I'm going to have to get in touch with the grandparents (who live near me), to see if we can get together soon to arrange a handoff so they can give it to my friend (who does not live near me) in time for the birthday.

Tomorrow...I get going on DH's anniversary present!

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