Tuesday, January 31, 2012


To the best of my knowledge, I am now humming along correctly on the right front of my Ljod cardigan. I haven't had a chance to take a picture of it yet, but I'm either done or almost done the bust shaping, which means the piece is pretty close to being finished. Pictures forthcoming.

Despite this good progress, I'm still panicking a bit - 17 days left and I still need to complete the right front, do two sleeves, and finish it all up. Aiee.

When my husband isn't around, I've been working on my Elizabeth of York vest. I finished the right front and got started on the borders.

In progress, 2012-01-29

And I handed off my friend's daughter's cardigan to her parents, who will happily bring it with them when they go to her birthday party in a few weeks. Before I handed it off, though, I used the newly-discovered super-closeup feature on my camera to take this picture, which more accurately depicts how beautiful the yarn variegates:

Completed, closeup

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