Sunday, December 18, 2011


All cardigan.

All extra-large sizing.

All. The. Time.

Consequently, the fronts are done.

In progress, 2011-12-18

I can't tell you how many design ideas and balls of stash yarn are calling out to me at this point. ("Kathleeeeeeeeen! Knit us nooooooooowwww!") But with Christmas morning less than a week away, and Monday knitting time allocated to finishing off DD1's poncho/skirt, and still needing to finish off some of the shopping and wrapping, and getting the house in good enough shape to receive guests (not to mention that I still have delusions of being able to do some baking before Santa shows up)...if I waver in my resolve on this darn hoodie, I'm toast.

There is some good news, though: my mom, who needs to go to Fabricland tomorrow to get red ribbon to trim her door wreath, has offered to pick up a 24-inch navy blue separating zipper for me. Isn't she lovely? Thanks, Mom.

(The term "separating zipper" never fails to crack me up. I will always remember the utter confusion I had the first time I heard that. "Don't they all separate?" I wondered. "Isn't that, y'know, the function of a zipper?)

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