Saturday, December 31, 2011

New and old

The new projects are still seeing a lot of action. I completed the tea cosy:

Completed, 'in action'

I finished the heel of the Skew sock:

In progress, 2011-12-31

I've made more progress on my slippers:

In progress, 2011-12-31

And I started my Sweetness pattern for DD3:

In progress, 2011-12-30

(I love those colours, I think they're going to look fabulous on her.)

I had to stop there because I ran out of the cream yarn. I'm not worried, though - I knew I was going to run out because I only had one ball of the cream in my possession. However, my LYS owner says she has a second ball for me, so I'll probably pick that up from her at the next charity knit night and keep going.

And then, after getting as far along on the Sweetness as I could, something odd happened. I decided to work on an old WIP...a very, very old WIP! In fact, I'm not sure exactly when I started this thing, but I know it was years ago. Heck, it was an old WIP over seven years ago when I first started this blog. It's the "Elizabeth of York" vest from Alice Starmore's "Tudor Roses" book. And, which is rare, it's actually for me. I'm doing it in a wine-red wool that I got as a two-pound cone from eBay ages ago. I wanted to use this wool for a sweater project, so I figured I should finish the vest project first. Thus, I fished it out and continued work on the left front (the back was already done). The yarn is quite rough, but since it's going to be worn on top of other clothes, I'm not too worried. I'm hoping it'll soften it up when washed so that I can use it for the sweater I have in mind without worrying that it'll make the recipient horribly scratchy. (If not, I'll figure out something else for the sweater.) Anyway, this afternoon I finished the left front!

In progress, 22011-12-31

(This is unfortunately a horrible rendition of the colour. In reality it's much less brown and much more red.)

So amazingly, it looks like I might actually finish something for me! What a good way to start the new year. :)

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Carrie#K said...

I love those slippers.

What are the odds the tea cosy will catch on fire? Ohhh, wool should help. My mother is definitely getting one next Christmas.

Margaret of York looks fabulous! I'll have to take another look at that pattern, it's much prettier than I remembered.