Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Too yellow?

So DD2 and I hit the LYS last week to get yarn for her teacher's gift. If you'll recall, his favourite colour is yellow, and I was hoping to find a golden brown in order to bridge the divide between that favourite colour and something he would actually wear on a hat. Deborah at the shop was extremely helpful and we found a bunch of great choices. DD2's favourite was this:

Patons Classic Wool Merino

I'm worried that it's a little too mustardy, but hopefully he will appreciate it anyway. I started it on Monday and finished the knitting part this morning:

In progress, 2011-11-30

Just have to finish it off - make a peak stabilizer, sew on some snaps (hopefully I have some in the sewing supplies box already) and weave in the ends.

I was able to get that far on this project because I ran out of yarn on my sample piece project on Saturday. Now I'm waiting with rather bated breath for the new yarn order to arrive. Other goodies are coming with it, too, so I'm pretty on edge about it. I've got my fingers crossed HUGE that it will arrive before the end of the week so I can finish it all up hopefully by early next week.

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