Sunday, November 06, 2011

Still serious

The Starfleet insignia badge was constructed and affixed to DD3's Hallowe'en costume. And here she is, all dooded up on The Big Night:

2011-10-31: Maryam

And here are her sisters, which is actually relevant to knitting because DD1 is simply covered in knitted items: (and my mom crocheted the scarf, too)

2011-10-31: Alia and Elizabeth

I also got more Christmas knitting done. The back of my brother's cardigan is all done:

In progress, 2011-11-06

Next up on the project is supposed to be the right front, but I'm going to do the sleeves first instead, just to get them out of the way. I'll do them two at a time to avoid that awful despondent feeling you get when you finish one sleeve and realise you have to do it all over agaim. (I hate that.)

And speaking of doing something all over again, I finished the first half of DD1's Christmas present:

In progress, 2011-10-31

And if I recall right, I'm about thirty rows into the second half. This is not as horrible a slog to do twice as sleeves would be, because with this garment, the pieces get smaller as you knit up them, not bigger (as the sleeves on my brother's cardigan will).

Finally, in a surprise move, I whipped up a new pattern, made a prototype, and submitted it somewhere. Naturally I can't share pictures with you (although I'd really love to), but if I'm lucky, I'll be able to provide a link for you sometime next year! (There's Murphy for you, isn't it? If I want to share something sooner, I have to be rejected so that I can self-publish immediately; whereas acceptance means I have to wait longer to share. But I'd still prefer the acceptance. :)

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