Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time to get serious

With renewed determination, I hunted for DD3's Hallowe'en costume project. To my relief, I found it. Then I gritted my teeth and finished the sewing-up and weaving-in-of-ends. (It wasn't fun, but I was driven by that looming October 31st deadline.) Unfortunately, it proved difficult to find a long enough black zipper at a shop near my house. So I settled on a 22cm one from the local dollar store. I was really hoping for something more in the neighbourhood of 18-20 inches, but it worked. I still have to put together an insignia badge, but for the moment, we have this:

Completed (except for badge)

'in action':
Completed, 'in action'
(Eat your heart out, Sir Patrick.)

I also applied this new-found determination to DD1's teacher's gift - I wove in the ends, we chose buttons, I sewed them on, and then I blocked it:


Here's what it looks like on a human (i.e. me):
Completed, 'in action'

I'm really happy with it, and so is DD1. Check another one off the Christmas list!

And speaking of the Christmas list, I gritted my teeth some more and cast on for my brother's (extra-large) hooded cardigan. It's supposed to take 10 balls of the yarn (which, fortunately, I have), and so far I've gone through one-and-a-bit:

In progress, 2011-10-29

I'm feeling pretty kick-ass right now. :)

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Danielle Baines said...

Loving the teeny tiny star fleet uniform :)