Saturday, October 01, 2011


So instead of a hat for DD1's Hermione costume (which would hide most of the trademark-Hermione frizzy hair), I decided to knit an earband, to keep her ears warm as she goes trick-or-treating. Calorimetry is my go-to pattern when I need an earband, so I just changed the gauge to size it down. Instead of worsted weight, I used some of the leftover self-striping sock yarn in Gryffindor colours from the Gryffindor tie I made for the costume. And instead of 5mm needles, I used 2.75mms. It ended up a little snug, but it will still fit her this year, and she does have two younger sisters who will probably get a lot of wear out of it.

There are two absolutely awesome things about this project. Firstly, where the yarn left off from the tie project just happened to be in exactly the right spot to make this happen:


Yes, you're seeing that right. The colours on the earband are perfectly symmetrical. Can you believe the luck? (Yes, I know it looks like lips. Shut up, that's part of the charm. :)

The other awesome thing about the project was the button I found in my button stash for it: gold metal (well, probably it's plastic with a gold-coloured metal coating of some sort, but who cares, we're going for effect here) with a lion head. You can't get more perfect than that for Gryffindor swag!

I guess there is one other awesome thing about this project: I was able to get it done in less than a day. I am just plowing through my deadline knitting, this is great!

(No fear, I'm sure I can make my ego crash to the floor again by getting back to the 52 remaining hexagons I still have to do for DD2's blanket.)

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