Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Panicking in October is probably a bad sign

So the owner of my LYS struck up a conversation on the shop's Ravelry group asking what people were going to knit for the holidays. I posted my list, and then realised something: I'm freakin' nuts.

  • Hat for BIL#1
  • Hat for BIL#2
  • Socks for my dad
  • Cowl for DD1's teacher
  • Something for DD2's teacher
  • Poncho/skirt for DD1
  • Sweater for my brother
  • Bib for DD3
  • Blanket for DD2
  • Cardigan for my niece
  • Cardigan for the lady who subletted her apartment to my uncle and grandma this summer

Uh, yeah.

Now, even taking into account that the hats are done; the socks are done;
Completed, other side

and the cowl just needs buttons and ends woven in and a quick blocking;
In progress, 2011-10-25

and the poncho/skirt is close to being halfway knitted...that's still a whackload of knitting to finish up in a mere two months while doing all the other things that need to be done in my life. Add to that the fact that DD1's teacher has just started doing half-days because of some kind of medical issue so she now has TWO teachers, and I should probably do gifts for both of them; and that I might have to whip up a sample piece super-fast if I get an acceptance on something...gah.

I suspect I will probably axe the cardigan-for-niece project first. After all, the only reason it's on my list at all is that I was desperately trying to find some excuse to make Good Tree Cardigan from the latest issue of Petite Purls as soon as possible.

Next on the chopping block will probably (sadly) be DD2's blanket. It's just huge, and DD2 knows I'm making it so it wouldn't be a surprise anyway. On the other hand, she'd probably feel lousy if both her sisters received handknits from me and she didn't, which is why DD3's bib is probably going to be the next thing to go.

Which leaves me with the following left to knit:

  • Something for DD2's teacher
  • Poncho/skirt for DD1
  • Sweater for my brother
  • Cardigan for nice lady
  • Probably something for DD1's second teacher
  • Possible sample piece

Not as insurmountable as the first list. But damn staggering all the same.

Oh, and I have to finish DD3's Hallowe'en costume by Monday. Which I can't find.

Yup. Screwed.

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