Monday, September 19, 2011


D'you see this here hat now, d'you see it?
In progress, blue side, 2011-09-19

And here it is from the blue side:
In progress, grey side, 2011-09-19

Doesn't it look nice? Almost finished, just needing the second earflap to be finished off and then it's done?


Except for one small detail: I've run out of the blue yarn.

Still have lots left of the grey, though...and both skeins apparently have exactly the same yardage in them...and I tried to be completely 50-50 about the number of rows when I had the blue yarn on my top finger vs. the grey yarn, so they should have been used up at the same rate...but, despite all that, I have still managed to run out of blue with not very many stitches left to go.

(If you are imagining me swearing vociferously at this point, you have assessed my mood quite correctly.)

So I have a few ways I could solve this problem:

  1. I could buy another skein of yarn. I am very reluctant to do this, though, as it would not do good things to my rather delicate Christmas present-buying budget.
  2. I could try to find something else in my stash that would substitute adequately.
  3. I could go to my LYS owner and be incredibly presumptuous by asking her if there was any way I could take another skein of the yarn and use a few yards of it for my project, and then use the rest of the skein to make a store sample of something for her.

Right now, the most palatable of those options is 'b'. And here is the best thing that I was able to find in the stash:
Luxury Alpaca

Here it is next to the hat:
Alpaca vs. hat

Not too bad a possibility. (I know, I know, in the photograph it looks perfect, but in person there are distinct differences when you hold the two yarns next to each other.) I'm going to finish the earflap and see how jarring a change it is once it's all knitted up.

Wish me luck.

(Oh, and also: Arrrr.)


Danielle Baines said...

Can you make mismatched ear flaps and do the second one in grey? It will add character. If it's still intended for the middle brother, he has enough character of his own to see the humour and to carry off a slightly asymmetric hat.

Deb said...

Can you take out the earflap and knit it in the gray? That would give you a little more blue and the gray would match what you have.