Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And now for something completely different

See this?

In progress, 2011-09-26, on needles

Here it is stretched out:
In progress, 2011-09-26, off needles

This is a Baby Surprise Jacket that I started, oh, probably a few years ago now, one night at Lettuce Knit. I cast it on at the beginning of the knit night, and I think that's as far as I got before going home and never working on it again.

Today it got sent to the frog pond.

I actually love the way it looks with the striping and the combination of yarn textures. But there were a few key problems with it. Firstly, towards the end of that knit night evening, it was becoming more and more obvious that my odds of having enough red to be able to finish the jacket were pretty slim. Secondly, the fuzzy yarn was more bulky than the white and the red yarns, and it was making the blue stripes sort of bubble/bunch up.

But, flash forward to today, however many years later, and we get to the real motivation for the frogging: I need the white for DD2's blanket:

In progress, 2011-09-26

...and the red for this:

In progress, 2011-09-26

What you see there (blurrily) is the start of part of this year's Hallowe'en costume for DD1. She is going as Hermione, which you may remember she dressed up as for a Harry Potter-themed birthday party earlier this year:

Alia = Hermione

However, if she is actually going to wear this costume outdoors, at night, at the end of October, in Canada, she had better be going as Hermione-dressed-for-cold-weather as opposed to Hermione-dressed-for-just-going-to-class. And therefore, she will need some extra bits of costume, such as a hat, scarf (already made thanks to her grandma) and mittens. And it is a tiny bit of the mittens which is pictured above. Eventually I will bring in the red of which I spoke, and then the mittens will have owls on them. The pattern is Owlet, by Odessa Reichel, from Petite Purls, and I have been dying for an excuse to make it ever since it came out, I love it.

And on a completely unrelated note, I could not stand having this yarn (which my LYS owner gave me to make something for DD2 out of) STARING at me from on top of the computer desk any longer!

Stash: Sirdar "Snuggly Magic"

I had to start this:

In progress, 2011-09-26

It's Gilet sans coutures de Lison, an extremely nice cardigan pattern by La P'tite Charlotte, and it has been translated from French into English over on its comments page on Ravelry. The translation is not perfect, but I have been able to muddle through so far.

Odds are, though, that it will be put aside soon as I start hitting the panic button on all the deadline knitting.

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