Sunday, August 28, 2011


Now that the baby is here, I've been trawling through my gosh-that's-cute-I'd-love-to-make-it list of patterns a bit more seriously. Here's the short list:

Baby bootees that look like toy cars. And I mean really look like toy cars. I'm enchanted. The original pattern is in Russian, though (or some other language that uses a Cyrillic alphabet), so I'm going to have to spend some quality time with Google Translate and my brain in order to suss the pattern out.

Wee Tiny Bat Sock
A sock that looks like a bat, where the head of the bat is the foot, and the wings make the leg. When not worn, the wings fold out to look like a flying bat. I love clever stuff like this.

Miss Dashwood
I have loved this pattern ever since it came out. Not sure why I never made it for my second daughter, but I'd sure like to make it for my third.

Ladybug sweater
Fantastically sweet and probably a wonderful use for all the sock yarn leftovers I've got kicking around here.

Seamless Flower T-shirt
This one is probably top of my list. I adore it. I love the way it looks, I love the way it seems to be constructed...everything. It's actually all I can do to stop myself from dumping everything important I have on the needles right now, buying the pattern, and casting on. But I am trying to school myself to patience.

Another pattern I'm absolutely crazy about. I mean, come ON, a multi-coloured romper that's shaped like a star? How fun can you get?

Bonnet in rib
Winter baby garb for SCA events.

I love this blanket. Seriously, seriously love it. I must knit it in my lifetime.

Even culled down to my favourites, that's a pretty big list of things to knit. The good part, though, is that a number of my co-workers are expecting, so if I can't make any of these things for my baby, I will surely be able to knit them for someone else's.

Oh, and also...

2011-08-23: Elizabeth holds Maryam for the first time

2011-08-24: Alia and Maryam

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Anonymous said...

Your daughters are beautiful - I LOVE baby burritos!