Monday, August 15, 2011

Code of silence

It gets very frustrating when everything I'm currently working on is something I can't talk about. And since finishing up the last of the midwife gifts, that's exactly my situation.

I've been swatching for a new design that I sent off the proposal for on Friday night. I've also been trying out a new design idea that I thought up on my vacation, which I am tremendously pleased with so far, but I have plans to submit that somewhere, too. And then I'm also continuing work on the sample piece for an accepted-but-obviously-not-published-yet pattern.

So...really, beyond all that very vague information, I have nothing I can say publicly about my knitting.





I guess I could talk a bit about the baby?

I'm at almost 39 weeks at this point, and have been "dropped" for about three and a half weeks now, which makes getting around very awkward and annoying. But work on getting ready continues! DD2's new room got painted over the weekend (thanks GREATLY to the efforts of my brother and older BIL in addition to my husband), and we're hopeful that over the next two days, we can remove all the tape, touch up the paint job, get the rest of the non-bedroom stuff out of the room, vacuum the carpet like crazy (it's in a pretty scary state), bring in all of DD2's new furniture, and get her moved. the. heck. in. Which, since DD2 is currently in the nursery, would mean that I can start getting the nursery ready for the baby. Which is a pretty vital step.

We also need to test-run the birthing pool to make sure it won't leak water. And we need to assemble the crib. And install the carseat. And get our diaper-cleaning system ready to go. And I'm not sure where I stored the baby's wrap, so I have to find that. And DH and I suddenly realised over the weekend that although we have been in complete agreement for months about the names we want for the baby, we have never actually decided how to SPELL some of those names, and it turns out that we have differing ideas about that!

Good grief, I'm getting depressed just writing all that out.

And yet, many many other things are ready! I have done an epic amount of laundry over the last 72 hours, so we are all overflowing with clean clothes and linens. All the diapers are clean and folded and bee-yew-tifully organized in one of the nursery drawers. All the baby clothes have been brought out of storage and sorted, and some of them are even in drawers in the nursery. (I am obviously limited in nursery drawer space right now since DD2's stuff is still taking up most of it.) All the birth supplies are assembled in our bedroom. Our bed has been made up with a shower curtain on top of the mattress in case my water breaks while I'm on it. Instructions/contact information/whatnot have been printed out for DH and are on the fridge for easy access. DH has been cooking up and freezing pre-made meals like a fiend. The house is looking much, MUCH cleaner. Our camera battery and the backup battery have both been recharged. I've finished reviewing my hypnobirthing textbook, transferred all the hypnosis audio tapes to my MP3 player, and have been doing some relaxation practices. The midwife has done the home visit, and her basket of equipment is safely stored on top of my armoire. At work, I've written up all kinds of procedures so that my co-workers will not be completely at sea while I'm gone; and my desk and hard drive are clean.

So, not all bad and desperate. I would still really like it, though, if the baby could stay in for another week, even though I am quite physically uncomfortable at this point and my daughters are practically vibrating with the desire to meet this kid. :)

Stay tuned.

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Danielle said...

The cousin is also beginning to vibrate :)