Wednesday, July 06, 2011


The cardigan was indeed completed on time.

Completed, front

Completed, back

The recipient loved it, and it received many compliments from other shower guests. Hooray! :)

If you like it too, I've made the pattern available as a free download. You can get more information by following the link for it in the "My Designs" section on the left, or just go right ahead and...


So now...what to do next?

Well, before the cardigan panic occurred, I had cast on for the Colonnade shawl I was talking about. This is how it looked last Monday:

In progress, 2011-06-27

However, by this point it's all done except for the weaving in of ends. I shamelessly copied the way Croline finished hers off and used this border instead of the garter stitch one specified in the pattern. It looks very nice - I'll post pictures once all the ends are woven in and it's done.

And speaking of midwife gifts, I started casting on for the Brambles Beret yesterday evening. However, I was about halfway through the cast-on when my husband called me for supper, so that's as far as I've gotten. :) I'm using the leftover red Cascade 220 from my Quadrat sweater, and I think there will be enough.

I've also been futzing around with a new pattern idea. Swatch is coming along nicely, but that's about all I can say at this point.

What I really need to be concentrating on right now, however, is doing a formal write-up of another pattern which has been accepted, because I believe yarn support is on its way to me as we speak! (Although I am concerned that it will fall into the black hole that is our current postal strike over here.) All very exciting stuff. Again, I can't say more than that yet.

Stay tuned!


Lynn One, Purl Two said...

congrats on a wicked finished project! i love it!

Carrie K said...

Cute! I knew you could do it.