Thursday, June 02, 2011


Sourpatch take two for DD2
How am I supposed to finish this before the end of the summer if I can't get out of the Black Hole Of Eternal Stocking Stitch?

In progress, 2011-06-02

Seriously...I've been working on the bottom part of this thing forever and I'm still acres away from getting to do the seed stitch hem. Meeble.

Celtic Pennies for DH
Still loving this design.

Also, still finding things wrong with the pattern instructions.

For one thing, I ended up putting the heel at the side of the foot because the instructions just said to start working the heel flat over 36 stitches right after getting you to finish off the last round of the leg. And the rounds begin and end at the centre back of the heel. Ergo, if you work the heel over the first 36 stitches you come to when the instructions tell you to, presto, you will have a heel at the side of the foot. Admittedly, I'm an experienced enough sock knitter that I might have been expected to catch that error before I did the entire heel and had to rip it out again...but other knitters might not be.

Then there's the chart for the toe - the very first row with decreases should also be the first row with "no-stitch" symbols...but no. Again, I knew what to do, but someone else might not.

Lastly, the pattern gives you the option of doing the "Estonian Heart of the Blossom Closure" for the toe. I had never heard of such a thing, and the pattern didn't include clue one as to what it was or where to find out more. (FYI, I searched Ravelry forums for information, and it's apparently the thing where you just thread the yarn through the stitches and pull tight.)

But I will say it again, the design is beautiful, as you can see for yourself.

In progress, 2011-06-02

I have to finish it by Sunday. Yeep!

Maria Sings for DD1
I discovered recently that this lovely shrug I had made a few years ago for my older daughter...

'In action', front view fits my younger daughter.

Ergo, older daughter needs a new shrug. Particularly in light of the fact that her First Ballet Recital Ever is coming up, and her costume has no sleeves, and having a shrug to keep her warm backstage would be a great idea.

So we went hunting! She chose the pattern "Maria Sings", by Roberta Soleri.

So far, so good:

In progress, 2011-06-02

Whether I can get it done in time for the recital, though, is anyone's guess.

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