Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As distractable as a puppy

I have a number of things on the knitting to-do list at the moment - you know, the "should"s. I "should" finish my balaclava so that my nose can stop being cold when I go outside. I "should" do the winter hat that one of my most wonderfullest friends asked me very nicely if I could make for her. I "should" keep going on a number of design projects. And so-on.

Yeah, I'm sure you can guess at the sort of thing that happened next.

Winter Knitty.

There are some niiiiiice things in there, man! A really nice range of appealing sweaters/cardis, for example, of which I think Jacqueline might be my favourite. There's also:

A combination of delicate, thin cables and lace? HELL-o!

I'm pretty darn keen on these socks. I think that lattice section pointing to the toes looks really cool, and I like all the sweet, tiny striping detail going up the legs.

But what really, REALLY got me finding any excuse I could to drop everything and make them were:

How pretty is this, eh? And I'm just wondering...could I use this for my friend's hat? Thus giving in to the temptation whilst simultaneously being responsible and taking care of one of my "should"s? Hmmmm...

They must be mine. And I'm thinking...I could use the same pinkish-red angora that I'm using for my balaclava for the blooms, with a nice neutral colour for the background, and - tadah! - matching mittens for my balaclava! Which connects it with a "should"...making it almost like a "should"...so really, I should be casting on as soon as possible, right? Right?

(I am weak in the face of Teh Pretty.)

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