Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Okay, so...the knitting

It continues to be productive around here at Insanity Headquarters!

Socks for my brother
Done! Unfortunately, I don't seem to have taken a picture of them yet, which is odd. Thought I took one. Oh, well...next time.

Yacht Club Skirt test knitting


DD1 adores it. Like, seriously, genuinely, passionately adores it. I finished it on Friday and picked her up from after-school care, bringing the skirt with me. She was beyond excited and wore it all the rest of the evening. She also spent the rest of the evening thanking me and waxing rapturously about how much she loves it. (Whilst constantly twirling, natch.) So I think it's safe to say that she's pleased. :)

I still have to wrap up final details with the designer, but she seems to like what I made. I sure like the pattern. (Which is good, because DD2 wants one exactly like her older sister's.) Hopefully it'll come out soon!

Living Room Blanket for my brother
Excellent progress has been made on this, I've completed blocks #5 and #6 and am well into #7. Photo forthcoming.

Autumnal Merry-Go-Round for Baby Turner
I have a co-worker who's expecting his first child this winter. He's a red-head, and I'm pretty sure I've heard him say his wife is fair as well. So I figure the odds of a red-headed baby are better than average. So I thought they might like one of my Merry-Go-Round hats in the baby size, and I'm making it in warm autumnal colours: cream for the motif itself, and bands of forest green/leaf green/selfstriping orange-ish colours for the background. I'm about ten rows away from the end of the stranded knitting section now and I'm quite pleased. It is really too bad that I haven't taken a shot of it yet, because I really like how the colours work, especially the corrugated ribbing at the bottom. Again, photo forthcoming.

Christmas socks for DH
Okay, finally, something else with a photo!


They're finished, obviously. :)

Inside-out socks for BIL1
Begun...and done!


Mystery socks
I won't say much about these because certain details need to remain secret. But they look like this at the moment:

In progress, 2010-09-10

And lastly, despite all this progress, I am bummed: The pattern proposal I sent off in August has been rejected. So it goes to that old faithful standby, self-publishing. It won't be ready for quite some time, but when I get closer to having the writeup finished, I'll give you a sneak peek. :) Hint: it's socks.

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Knitika said...

Wow, that skirt really turned out adorable! Too bad my daughter isn't at the best age for hand-made stuff anymore. A few years ago and she'd have adored it with a burning passion like your girl does.