Friday, July 16, 2010

So I'm a dork

Thanks so much everyone, for your compliments and congratulations on my latest patterns! Unfortunately, it turns out that there is an error in the legend for the Celtic Triad sock pattern, which a knitter very kindly pointed out to me. When writing the pattern, I was extremely careful about my cable instruction descriptions, and double-checked them more times than I can remember...and I still managed to mess one of them up. :( Le sigh. My apologies.

Here are the details: In the legend, 8th symbol from the top (i.e. the 2nd cable symbol), the instructions given for the WS are wrong. They should read "Slip next st to cn" instead of "Slip next 2 sts to cn". If you're actually doing the cable and following the instructions precisely, you would realise (as you went to work the sts from the cable needle after slipping them back on to the left-hand needle) that something was wrong somewhere, but now you know exactly what that wrong bit is. Hopefully this won't trip up too many people. I've already sent a correction to the editors of Knitty and I'm sure the fix will be up soon.

Speaking of Knitty...

I've had three skeins of Garnstudio DROPS Fabel sock yarn, colour #677, kicking around for quite some time. Two of the skeins were an anniversary present from DH, and the third I bought for myself a bit later. I'm sure DH meant them to be for socks, but I had something else in mind: a cardigan for my younger daughter. The colours of the yarn are fantastic - all rich, vibrant greens and blues with some darker and lighter bits thrown in here and there - and they would look fabulous on DD2. I had vague ideas of improvising something top-down, but was never really happy with the idea of having horizontal stripes, so I put it off.

Enter Mythos. At first, when I saw it, I thought, 'meh', but after a while the idea really sank in and I realised that this could be the pattern to use for my daughter's hypothetical cardigan. I worked out The Math, and to fit my kid, the finished product needs to be about 30% smaller than the given finished measurements for the XS size. So I thought, what the heck, let's just go down 30% in needle size and see if that works. (Pattern calls for 5mms, so I broke out some 3.5mms.) No swatching, no testing, just cast on and go. It was a risk.

In progress, 2010-07-16

So far, it's working out rather well, I adore the yarn, and really like how it's all looking. Unfortunately, I think there is a serious risk that I might run out of yarn. However, I'm hoping like heck that I can get around this problem by getting rid of the 20 rows of no shaping on each sleeve. (I've draped the first half of the cardigan over DD2 - which looked FANTASTIC - and the sleeves look much too long.) But we'll see.

Also? I realised this week that the pregnant co-worker of mine is probably going to have some kind of office party thrown for her really soon, and, DUH, I should really make something...


Completed, held for scale

(Sorry about the blurriness; I took the picture at night with no natural daylight streaming into the house, and I suck at holding the camera steady during lengthy exposures. I hate the look of knitting in flash photography, so that isn't an option, either.)

This is a very cute pattern: "Blue Steps - Baby Booties" by Regina Willer. It looks pretty silly lying flat, but the pictures of the booties on actual little feet demonstrate that in use, they are absolutely adorable. I used sock-weight yarn and had both booties all done with just a few hours of work.

I'm hoping to make at least one more pair of footwear for my co-worker, but I think this is a good start.

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