Friday, July 02, 2010

The next generation

This week, my elder daughter cast off on her first knitting project (or rather, the first project she's ever done entirely by herself) and is almost done - she wants to do tassels around the edge and she still has to weave in the ends (both of which I have to show her how to do), and that's it. It was going to be a scarf for her little sister (generous child), but by the time she got to this point, she pooped out and wanted to finish:

In progress, 2010-06-27

Still, I'm very proud. It seems like she's planning to do a hat next.

She then asked if it was possible to have her own account on Ravelry so she could show off this project. So, I created one for her. She now keeps asking me if we can log on to her account - I don't know what on earth she wants to do there, but she's a wee bit obsessed with it nonetheless. Perhaps she just wants to gaze at the magnificence that is her first project. :)

Then on Wednesday morning, I taught her how to purl. She got it right away and has been practicing stocking stitch ever since. That prevening, I took her to the LYS because I needed to buy the yarn I'm going to use for the new pattern I'm working up. I didn't have to take her, but she wanted to come and I love hanging out with her, so I brought her along.

Turns out that this might have been a mistake. All she wanted me to do was buy her more yarn. ("Can I get this?...Can I get this?") This is quite the departure from her usual going-shopping behaviour, as she's really good about not asking for stuff that isn't on the shopping list. If I wasn't so darn proud of her for being knitting-focused, I would have been quite annoyed. :)

Her presence also hampered me from making an impulse purchase of my own. The shop has two skeins of this, which I'd never seen before:

Fame Trend

That's Marks & Kattens "Fame Trend", which variegates in fairly long repeats, is verrry nicely priced, and I was this close to buying at least one skein for I-don't-know-what-maybe-a-shawl-but-I-just-gotta-have-it. Then I remembered that I needed to set a good example for my child and actually managed to put it back on the shelf.

My kid, the knitter...and yarn de-enabler. Wow. I'm so proud!

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