Monday, July 05, 2010

New pattern: Merry-Go-Round!

I love it when I can finally talk about something I've been working on for ages! And I'm really happy about this one...

Merry-Go-Round, all three sizes, modelled

Merry-Go-Round, all three sizes, modelled

This is a cute little toque pattern that comes in baby, toddler and child sizes, but I've included suggestions in the pattern for how to size it up (to woman or man) or down (to newborn) if you want other sizes. It takes sock weight yarn and requires stranded knitting for the horse motif, and intarsia for the stripy tent-top. It's knitted from the bottom up, in the round for the stranded section, and flat for the intarsia section (you sew the small seam up afterwards). The pom-pom is optional.

I know this sounds horribly immodest, but I love it. :)


Merry-Go-Round, baby size, unworn

Merry-Go-Round, baby size, modelled


Merry-Go-Round, toddler size, unworn

Merry-Go-Round, toddler size, modelled


Merry-Go-Round, child size, unworn

Merry-Go-Round, child size, modelled

If you're interested, you can get more information by following the link for it in the "My Designs" section on the right, or just go right ahead and...



Liz of Wool Boutique said...

What a cute design!

Carrie #K said...

Carousel horses! My mother is going to want one SO BADLY. They are darling, K.