Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prepare to squeak

I've recently discovered the online knitting magazine Petite Purls. Have you seen it? A quick description is that it's like Knitty, but with patterns exclusively for babies and children. And lemme tell you, there is some awesome stuff in there. Quality patterns everywhere, I want to make tons of them. But here are my absolute faves:

Haltermelon by Alana Dakos (summer 2009)
It's a halter top that looks like watermelon. For the sample, the designer even chose a ceramic watermelon button to close the halter tie. It's unspeakably adorable.

Sunday Stroll by Marina Hayes (winter 2010)
Lace tights! LACE TIGHTS! How often do you see patterns for such a thing? Oh, my girly girls would go snake over these. I'm thinking Christmas gifts...

Tea Party Frock by Justine Turner (spring 2010)
This is the kind of pattern that leaves me marvelling at just how amazing knitting can look. It's a super-sweet little top with cap sleeves, a band of colour around an empire waist with flowers embroidered on top, and tiers of ruffly bits falling below it. Enchanting.

Cheer Up! by Marina Hayes (spring 2010)
Possibly the most fun pair of dungarees in the history of the world.

Just-spring by Sharon Fuller (spring 2010)
Lacy beaded socks for little feet. The lace on the legs looks like umbrellas, the lace on the feet looks like raindrops, and the beading looks like little droplets falling from the cuffs.

Sourpatch by Corrina Ferguson (summer 2010)
I think this is, hands-down, the best reason to do entrelac that I have ever, ever seen.
Update: Hmm. On closer inspection, it appears that this doesn't use entrelac at all. Whoops. But it is tremendously inspiring for good places that entrelac might go!

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