Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The sun has set on my day in the sun

Several weeks ago, the new Knitty came out! :) Of course, this means that my pattern is now in the archives, but it also means new patterns! So, in honour of this, and of the fact that I submitted another pattern to them today (fingers crossed!), I thought I'd highlight my favourites. (I sort of roughly arranged them, in reverse order of favouriteness.)

Bitterroot, by Rosemary (Romi) Hill
This is a very pretty, classy lace shawl pattern that you would expect to pay quite a bit of money for. So I think its inclusion in this season's lineup gives Knitty some serious cred. :)

Zora, by Kristen Rengren
I doubt I'll ever actually make this, but it's really pretty, and looks like it'd be very flattering to all kinds of different female shapes.

Duet, by Linda Wilgus
In the pattern preamble, the designer writes, "I love things that can morph into other things." And so do I. This pattern makes my list because of the "cool" factor of being able to turn into a hat from a neckwarmer, and vice-versa. I love that. Also, it's pretty. I bet a lot of knitters were scrambling to make this as a holiday gift for people.

Quadrat, by Beautia Dew
I like this because it's very fashionable; very much the sort of trendy knitwear you see displayed in shop windows these days. And I love that Knitty has made something so current part of its lineup.

Knotty but nice, by Natalie Larson
I'm a sucker for cables which integrate well, both with each other and the shape of a garment; so naturally, I'm liking this pattern. Actually, I checked out Natalie Larson's designer page on Ravelry, and she does indeed seem to be quite good at that. I especially like her "Pompeo" beret.

Saviano, by Marjan Hammink
What was I saying about intricate cabling? Yeah. Can't resist it. The only thing is that I can't figure out whether or not I like the big reverse stocking stitch gussets on the sides of these socks.

Ailbe, by Kristi Geraci
It's the intricate cables again. I'm helpless in the face of them. These mittens are great.

Citron, by Hilary Smith Callis
I doubt that I'll ever end up actually making this, but I'm just really struck by the look, shape, and versatility of it, I think it's great. A lovely little shawlette.

(Although...now that I'm thinking about it, I actually have one skein of Malabrigo Lace that I've been wondering what to do with...damn! I think I'm hooked!)

Mr. Darcy, by Cheryl Niamath
MUST. MAKE. FOR. HUSBAND. That is all.

Spoke, by Lori Versaci
This is cool. It's a flattering shape, I really like the cut, and it has a lovely, unique look. Moreover, it looks like it would be an excellent choice of pattern for variegated yarns, which, generally speaking, I don't like the look of. So a winner all around. One day (ah yes, that fabled "one day" where I actually do some knitting for myself), it will be mine.

(Ooh. I took a peek at some of Lori Versaci's other stuff, and wow - check out her "Latticework Jacket" pattern, it's niiiice: Ravelry link, link on designer's site)


Knitika said...

Ooh, I'd glanced through knitty, but not as thoroughly. I had totally loved Saviano, but hadn't noticed Citron. I may make citron...

Liz of Wool Boutique said...

I'm with you, Quadrat is awesome. What do you think, is the cabling too much for someone who can knit but has never done cables?

Hi By the way, been lurking around your blog intermittently for a while since i found your hat-heel socks on knitty!