Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hodge podge

There's a little bit of everything today. Firstly, more sock parade...

Christmas socks for DD1:


I love these socks. The yarn, which is Garnstudio DROPS Fabel, colourway 911, patterned up in such a vibrant, fun and funky way. Doesn't it look absolutely joyous? It made the knitting even more happy than usual. Big thumbs up for this yarn - I also used it in a different colourway (also tremendously fun) for the autumnal tones socks I blogged about earlier. I've got a third colourway in the stash at home that I'm thinking of using for a cardigan or something for DD2, and I can't wait to see how that goes, either.

Ankle socks for DD1:


Both of these photos have only one sock in them because this is what happened to the other sock:
Completed, but not

I know. I'm completely bummed, especially since this happened really shortly after I made them. So I'm not sure whether I missed grafting one of the stitches so stuff unravelled, or whether the socks somehow got cut, or what. I have to undo the grafting and take a closer look to see what happened, then I'll fix it up.

Next, current projects...

Celtic knot baby blanket
Done! Finished it all up on Sunday evening and I really like it. I still have to take pictures, though. I'm also working on finishing off the pattern write-up. After that, I'll do just the centre cable pattern using the finalised instructions so I can include a close-up shot in the pattern, and then I'll offer it here!

Mi Escuelita for Devangi
Carrie K, with her usual piercing insight into my nature, theorized that I'm enjoying this so much because it's not a "should be doing" project. And at first I thought she'd hit the nail on the head...until I realised that this project is part of the Christmas knitting. It doesn't get more responsible than that, right? (Does this mean I'll suddenly not want to work on it anymore? I hope not!)

Don't hate me because I'm dutiful...

In progress, 2009-09-22, body
finished body to armholes

In progress, 2009-09-22, sleeve
started sleeve

And finally, the beginning of some long, loooong overdue comment responses...

Way back in January, Georgiana encouraged me to bump up the priority of my Ljod project, as it's a) awesome and b) sex-ay. So I feel that it's only fair to note that my husband has been nagging me about the same thing for quite some time, precisely because of reason b). :) Every time I pull it out and work on it some more, he gets this enormous look of glee on his face, which is replaced with a very glum expression once I switch to something more deadline-driven. Since it's clear that this cycle could continue for years, I think I'm going to plan to finish it as a present for HIM. (Finishing it as a present for myself has clearly not provided enough motivation.) I'm going to aim for his birthday (June), which gives me a good bit of time.

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