Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blanket statement

I've been working on blankets a fair bit lately. First, I was in a bit of a lull, knitting-wise, so I went back to the old faithful Log Cabin blanket. This is very much an ongoing kind of project - the plan is basically to keep going until I run out of yarn. Of course, it's increasingly difficult to find the motivation to keep going, since the bigger it gets, the longer it takes to make any discernable progress. But I think I've at least gotten far enough along to merit another picture:

The other blanket I've been working on is of my own design. I made it up when my niece was on the way, made one for her, and then gave the pattern to her mother, who is a knitter. But this was before I really understood what I was doing when writing patterns, and I need to redo a fair bit of stuff to get it to the point where I can justify asking people to pay for it. For example, there are a number of small-but-important changes to make to the chart, and I need to be a little more accurate with the yarn requirements than "approximately 500g of sportweight acrylic". All of this requires an actual test knit (or two) of the pattern, so that is what I've been doing. I'm using a ridiculously vibrant colour which I like quite a bit:

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of yarn before I finish the border that I'm working on now. This sucks, because there's not much blanket left to knit, and the balls of this yarn are 350g. So, assuming I can even find a second ball of the stuff when I go back to the store (which is a lot to assume), I'm going to end up with a huge amount of the second ball left over. Rats. But oh well, at least I'll have a really nice baby blanket to gift to someone. I actually have an expectant mum in mind, but I'll say nothing more here in case she reads this. :)

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Carrie K said...

Oh well. Feed the stash.

The log cabin is looking good! I'm feeling that way about my curve of pursuit - I have TONS of yarn left for it and it takes so long to finish a wedge now.