Monday, July 06, 2009

A few things

  1. A few days after my last blog post, DD1 came down with some kind of flu-like thing. I worried it was H1N1, as it included fever, headache, coughing, congestion and gastro ickiness. She was just getting over it when it hit DD2. Fortunately, the little one is now past the scary fever stage and is working through the annoying cough. Needless to say, little was going to be done in the way of blogging through all this. I'm still waiting for DH and I to get it, but at the moment there are no medical crises. It's a pleasant lull.

    (I don't think it was H1N1...we ended up taking DD2 to the hospital for the high fever, and they did a swab. We would have gotten a call by now if the results contained anything alarming.)

  2. I'm now on Twitter.

  3. New knitting pictures!
Butterfly Cowboy Astronaut Vest for DD1
Actually managed to find some appropriate buttons in my stash. They're a little tight for the holes, but DD1 says she can manage, so I went ahead and put 'em on yesterday.

Completed, "in action"

Completed, "in action" from the back
back view

Ice Queen for DD1's teacher
This was already completed and given away last month, but I haven't posted the final pictures yet. Here they are:


Completed, 'in action' (front view)
'in action', front view

Completed, 'in action' (side view)
'in action', side view


Carrie K said...

The ice queen looks fabulous on Annie.

Butterfly Cowboy Astronaut Vest? Quike a moniker. It's really cute. Or is it the model? It's so hard to tell.

jencraft said...

Love the ice queen. Lavender never looked so good.