Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some knits aren't meant to be heirlooms

While I'm kind of proud of the more regular blogging I've done lately, I still have more to write about if I'm to bring you guys up to speed on everything that's been happening around here, knitting-wise, over the past few months. One of the things I am saddened to have to report is the demise of my "Wheelie" steering wheel cover. Do you remember that? I finished it in February of last year:

Didn't it look lovely?

Well, unfortunately, after a little over a year of use, it had degraded into this:

That discolouration at the top, by the way, is not shadow. No, it is what can only be described as...filth. And trust me, the photo does not accurately convey how disgusting or tattered the whole thing looked in real life. DH claims responsibility - he says there has always been something about his hands that destroys steering wheels or, in this case, steering wheel covers. (Great.)

So I got rid of it. Our steering wheel now seems to me to be pathetically small. :) Given DH's dire pronouncements about the destructive capabilities of the chemistry of his palms, I suppose I should be casting on for another one...but I so don't want to. Maybe later in the season when I'm sick of burning myself on the wheel on sunny days.

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Carrie K said...

I think I would just pick up a steering wheel cover at Target. Looking another knitted cover in tatters and grime might lead to dangerous feelings of rage and despair. :)