Monday, September 01, 2008

Actual visuals

Well, good news - the sock pattern has been written up and sent off! I proofed it about eight million times, but I'm still worried there's something wrong in there. However, it's gone now, so no use worrying (although I probably still will). I actually got the family in their socks at the same time and got them to hold still enough to take some good group feet shots. Hooray!

Double-faced bib
This is coming along very nicely and I'm really pleased with how it looks. The main bulk of it is finished, I just need to pick up stitches and do the neckline. But first I have to weigh it and the remaining purple yarn so I can write up the pattern with an accurate idea of yarn requirements.

No progress, but I did finally take a picture:

Log Cabin blanket
And once again, my obsessive nature takes over. Here's the whole sordid story:

A few weeks ago, my LYS brought in a new yarn: Marble Chunky. This is very similar to the Marble DK that I used for all the KWB/TSF hats I made a while back, but in a thicker gauge and different colours.

And oh, the colours. I'm particularly obsessed with MC3, which is a very righteous purple/blue/green combination, but there are lots of other good ones, which make the whole line pretty much Covet City. And at one point I was looking at them on the shelves and was seized by an inspiration to make a baby blanket out of the pink and light brown colourways using the Log Cabin pattern.

Now, I've never done a log cabin blanket before, but it seems really cool and people have done some wonderful stuff with it. I'm not yet in a position to buy the Marble Chunky for it (I'm waiting for the right gift-giving occasion to come along which will give me an excuse to buy it using household funds instead of my own spending money), but I figured I could practice the concept with stash yarn and do some stash busting in the process.

And so, we have my first log cabin blanket in progress:

I'm not sure whom it's for nor how big it's going to be, although I do have about two pounds of each colour to use up. It is, however, a fantastic project to do while spending time with my girls when they don't need to me to actually do stuff with them - it's completely brainless and I don't have to look it, so I can watch and talk with the kids at the same time. I'm definitely enjoying it, although of course it's going to get more and more sloggerific to make any progress the bigger it gets.

I'm thinking maybe it'll end up being an emergency blanket that we keep in our car trunk.


Carrie K said...

Emergency blanket in your trunk? lol. That would actually be a great use for it. That's the plan for my finished Curve of Pursuit. Y'know, if I ever finish it.

Wow, actual pictures. I think I have to go lay down.

Karen said...

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for sharing your patterns with the rest of the world!
My husband is in the throes of knitting your argyle cardigan pattern for a friend's baby, and we are both stumped on exactly where the decreases should be made on the sleeves as neither of us have knitted this way before.
It seems logical to me that they should happen at the underarm - could you please tell me if this is right?
Thank you. Karen.