Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Schedule is pleased...and displeased

My thanks for the compliments on my baby's cuteness. (But believe me, if you heard her cute voice sounds, you'd plotz even more.) Of course I know she is irresistibly sweet, which is why I keep nibbling her. :) But it's lovely to hear that it's not just the mom in me that thinks so.

Mitred corners blanket for Raymond
It took a few false starts with the grafting before I figured out exactly how I should've been starting it so that everything lined up properly. I will spare you the frustrating details of exactly what I did wrong. Suffice it to say that I was not a happy camper for a while there. It really sucks: a) grafting, b) undoing grafting, c) undoing grafting when the tail is really long (enough to do 99 stitches), d) having to do items a) through c) multiple times.

At last, however, I grafted successfully, and then washed and blocked it to try and stop the braid border from curling so much (it worked). As of Wednesday, I had a completed blanket.

It will, however, still be some time before I can make the pattern available. I have completed the (considerably) smaller sample piece that I will be using as the model to take photographs of the grafting process, and I have also taken shots of the actual blanket. But I still have to document the grafting and finish writing up the pattern, so stay tuned.

Here's a sneak preview, though:

The Girlfriend Shrug for DD1
I have a very nifty story to tell.

Some time ago, I shelved this project because even having put a perpendicular insert down the back three cabled braids wide, the body still wasn't really wide enough to fit DD1 well, and I just could not face the idea that I had to do two more braid inserts - the first one was such a slow slog.

After mulling this problem over and over in my head, I realised that what I really should be doing was trying to find some more of the original striping yarn. Then I could do really fast parallel inserts and some grafting - it would be a pain in the ass, but still considerably less so than the perpendicular braid inserts. The problem was that I hadn't been able to find anyone in the GTA or beyond who sold this yarn, and although I think I did find one or two sites that sold it online, I seem to recall that it was more money than I really wanted to spend.

Enter Ravelry.

I started hunting through people's stashes, looking for everyone who had this yarn in my colourway. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone who had partial balls, but I did find someone who had it, had started to do something with it, didn't like it, and now had now idea what to do with the yarn and it was just languishing in her stash. I 'cold called' her with Ravelry messaging, and asked what the odds were that I could trade her something for it...or just pay for it outright.

Delight of delights, she was more than happy to let it go, and refused to take anything for it. Instead, she asked me to make a charitable contribution somewhere worthy, and that would be good enough for her. Isn't she lovely? (She has no blog for me to link to, unfortunately, otherwise I would.)

Sure enough, on Friday the yarn showed up. I gave some money to Médecins sans Frontières and emailed the Yarn Harlot so that my benefactor would get credited at Knitters without Borders with the donation.

Meanwhile, I've already completed the elongating of the shrug back on one side, and just need to graft the extension together with the rest of the shrug on the other side:

After that, I just have to do the edging and ends-weaving, and it's finished! (I am avoiding the thought of where I'm going to find enough 2mm DPNs to go all around the edge. I'll fall off that bridge when I come to it.)

Bella Paquita for moi
There was some time in between finishing the mitred corners blanket and receiving the yarn to continue working on The Girlfriend Shawl. I didn't really feel like going back to existing projects, so - you guessed it - I started up something else.

I've had my eye on this pattern to use with the burgundy/maroon worsted weight superwash I inherited from my parents' neighbour across the hall. It's going to be for me, and I've reduced the bustline a touch so that it should fit me perfectly. I'm working on the yoke right now. This picture doesn't really make it look like much more than a burgundy/maroon lump, but trust me, it's coming along well:

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Carrie K said...

Your grafting woes! Poor you. The joys of being the designer, eh? Luckily for the rest of us. I was too blinded by the Cuteness of the model to get a good look at the preview.

Nice Ravelryer! Sweet.