Monday, February 25, 2008

Good grief, she's blogged twice in two days

Child Legs for DD1


'In action' (I am fully aware that I've paired stripes and a floral here...but hey, if you can't clash patterns when you're four, when can you clash 'em? [Do NOT say the Academy Awards.])

I love 'em, DD1 loves 'em...although she thinks they're 'prickly' and, I think, still harbours resentment that they don't go right up to her crotch like real pants. Sigh.

Okay, so let's get into the knitty-gritty of the pattern and how to make your own: Knit a tube of 2x2 ribbing to whatever length you want for your kid.

Need more details than that? Alrightee then...
  • Leggings are knitted from the top down.
  • 100g of sock yarn should be plenty. These leggings used just over 75g of Trekking XXL.
  • Using the long tail cast-on and a 4mm needle, cast on 60 sts.
  • Switch to 2.5mm needles (or 2.75mm if you want the leggings a bit looser) and join, being careful not to twist, doing K2, P2 ribbing.
  • Continue K2, P2 ribbing until legging is 18" or whatever length suits your fancy. (My kid wanted the leggings to go from ankle up to way past mid-thigh, so she got 18".)
  • Cast off.
  • Make another legging.
  • Fits a slightly shorter- and skinnier-than-average 4.5-year-old girl with room to grow.

Wheelie for our car
It grows:

I measured our steering wheel today and discovered it has a circumference of 47.25", which means the cover should be 26 to 28 3/8" long. I'd originally estimated I needed to do seven repeats of the pattern, but this makes me think I should really do eight. We'll see how it goes once I get to seven.

Stretchy socks for Mom
Well, now that I finished my daughter's shrug, I can, as previously planned, use the rest of the white sock yarn for my mom. It's a cotton wool blend (plus some synthetics for stretchiness) that should be fine for her sensitive feet. I weighed what I have left - 63.5g - which should be enough at least for some ankle socks.

So why wait? (No, I don't want the answer to that. And as for you, Schedule, you shut up.) I cast on.

I would like to point out that the toes are not going to be pink-tipped when all is said and done. (Perish the thought.) The pink is actually a provisional cast-on so that I can graft the toe later. This is to eliminate any kind of seam at the toes so that the socks will be as comfortable for my mom's feet as possible.

They might be a Mother's Day present. Or birthday. Or Christmas. Clearly, I'm not sure.

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Brigitte said...

My head hurts looking at your WIPs... And at how quickly you get stuff done as well!

Um...They're ALL WIPs? Liz I? Liz of York? Henry VII? Spanish Knight? Catherine Howard? AND an Orenburg shawl?

You are so my hero.