Friday, November 09, 2007

How it's going

Mendocino for DD1
I now have pictures!

'in action'



Fair isle tank top
Serious relief over here at Insanity headquarters. For awhile there, I lost the notes I took for the 24-month size. I looked all over in a bunch of logical (and some not-so-logical) places and I could not find the piece of paper. Finally I did a desperate hunt in one last illogical-but-sorta-logical place, and to my INTENSE relief...there it was. Phew! I did NOT want to have to make it again. I was worried that I or another member of my family had pitched it in the recycling.

Anyway, the 18-month and 12-month sizes have been done, measured and photographed. Next up: to rip back the 12-month size and start the 6-month size. I'm getting closer! I'm very excited.

Lacy Ribs Scarf
I came to the end of the ball and I'm not even at two feet on the scarf yet. So I think I'm going to rip it back (again) and re-start with one fewer rib pattern in the width.

Elizabethan Jacket for MIL
Coming along bee-yewtifully:

The collar is done, the button and buttonhole bands are done, and the front and back neckline steeks have been lashed into place. The monumental task of weaving in ends has begun, and I've begin to cut up armscye steeks in preparation for sewing in the sleeves (one of my least favourite sewing tasks in the world). My heart is starting to quail at all the sewing and weaving I have ahead of me, but we're definitely closer to the finish line now.

Branching out for DD1's teacher
Done! Here it is blocking:

Hey, the observant among you may ask, did she buy blocking wires? Nope! My husband made those wires just for me (he just cut off lengths of a sufficiently thick-gauge wire and filed down the edges so they wouldn't catch on the knitting). They work very nicely and I like them a lot.

The scarf itself has blocked out to slightly shy of four feet long, and looks absolutely delicious.

Inside-out comfort socks
My BIL#1 and MIL visited last weekend (yes, I hid both of their knitting project presents), and while BIL was distracted, I checked out his shoe size (8). Then I got DH to come over and try on his brother's shoes. The verdict is that BIL's feet are slightly shorter than my husband's, but also a touch wider. So I did a calculation about how many rows the heel would take before the turn, how much length that would work out to, and then figured out that I needed to start the heel shaping when the foot was about 8" long, based on the fact that I knew my husband's feet were 10.5" long.

Last night I turned the heel and was happily working my way up the leg when the subject of my husband's feet being 10.5" long came up.

"Where did you get that number?" he asked, surprised. I told him that I had measured his feet some time ago, and memorized the number.

We brought out a ruler. His feet are actually 10 inches long.

(insert your choice of expletive here - I was certainly thinking them all)

So I will be ripping back all the leg I've done, the heel, and some of the foot, until it's about a quarter- to a half-inch shorter than it was when I started the heel shaping the first time.

Grumble grumble.


Kilt hose
I brought the one sock I'd made into the shop and compared it with the original that the guy from the band left. It's smaller, so I figure next time I'll make it with 5mm or 5.5mm needles instead of 4.5. I left it there in case the guy comes back.

Foot-pampering socks for moi
This has been seeing some work when I'm stalled on other things and just want something quick to pick up. I think I'm going to start the heel flap at the end of the current colour stripe.

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