Monday, November 19, 2007


What does an intelligent, forward-thinking knitter, with seven urgent projects on the go and less than a month and a half to go before Christmas, do? Why, cast on two new pairs of socks that have nothing to do with holiday giving, of course...

Self-patterning socks #3 for moi
I couldn't resist starting to work with some of the sock yarn I treated myself to on my birthday, just to see how it would stripe. Well, this is how it stripes:

I'm not as crazy about it as the striping I had imagined in my head, based on what the yarn looked like in the ball, but I'm still going to enjoy the socks.

Self-patterning socks #whatever for DH
And after casting on the first ball of new sock yarn, well, the cat was already among the pixies, so what the hey, I cast on with the second ball, too. Work stalled, though. This is not, unfortunately, because I have the willpower and sense of responsibility that would enable me to resist a non-deadline project. It is simply because I couldn't find the fourth needle. I think I did spot it, however, this morning while taking knitting pictures.

Dumbass. Why do I do this to myself? Why?

But gets even better.

Ragna for brother
Knitters Attic is moving to a new location, and they had a pre-opening sale in the new spot this past weekend. I bought 10 balls each of Magic Garden Allsorts in a bright, strong blue, and Patons Canadiana in navy. The Allsorts doesn't really have a purpose yet, although I have generalized thoughts of making something really comfy and cosy for DD2.

The Canadiana, however, has a definite purpose. I bought it to make Ragna for my brother. I would have preferred to make it out of something more natural, but I had been forewarned (and strenuously so) by my mom that my brother's laundering skills are extremely limited. Apparently, he just dumps stuff in the machine without checking the care instructions. Anything requiring handwashing or, heaven forbid, blocking, was going to be ruined in very short order. So, acrylic it had to be. And at $2 per 100g ball for the Canadiana, I had my clear winner.

So yes, you guessed it, I couldn't resist and cast on for the sweater.

The pathetic thing is that this is going to be a gift for next Christmas. For heaven's sake, I have knitting time crunch for Christmas 2007 going on and I cast on for something planned for Christmas 2008? I suck.

The sweater, on the other hand, is looking pretty good. I'm working on the flappy bits right now to start:

I'm not enjoying the knitting as much as I could because the yarn is pretty squeaky. But the finished fabric feels good.

Fortunately, I'm not a complete moron. I do have excellent panic knitting progress to report as well.

(Oh, and Brigitte? This is all further proof that you should never feel bad about your WIP table. :)

Fair isle tank top
All sizes have been knitted! (Carrie K, there were five.) All measurements have been taken! All photographs have been snapped! This has enabled me to release the needles I was using back into the projects from which they were stolen. All that's left is to take the all notes I jotted down as I went, and incorporate them back into the pattern instructions; package all the graphics and photographs together; plug the pattern into Knitty's submission template; write up a submission email; take a deep, fortifying breath; and hit 'send'.

Elizabethan Jacket
A few more ends have been sewn in. What I'm really procrastinating about is taking out the ironing board and iron, wetting a towel, and pressing the pleats down on the darts. It will be a dull and awkward task and I'm not looking forward to it. However, it must be done, and then I can sew in the sleeves. Maybe I'll kill two birds with one stone and hem up my new kitchen curtains at the same time.

And thanks very much, everyone, for your comments and compliments on the project.

Larry's Cabled Cashmere Pullover for DH
Well, The J and Carrie K both like the striping on the sleeves exactly the way it is, so now that I've freed up the Denise cable for the project, I've forged ahead. We have sleeve progress:

Herdis for niece
This project is another winner of having finished all the sizes for the fair isle tank top - I was able to put the 4mm points back on the cable that was holding the left front of Herdis, and finish it. Actually...more than finish it, to be brutally honest - I went eight rows too far. It's supposed to be the same length as the back, and I miscounted how many rows I finished on the back, so... Well. It won't be that hard to rip back.

Pixie Outfit
This is doll clothes item number 2 of 3 (no, they are not Borg) which will be gifted to my elder daughter for Christmas. I originally started the project using some emerald green yarn from the stash. I thought I had enough, but as I ran out before even finishing the first leg, I was grievously mistaken. So I switched to some royal blue instead.

Want a close-up of those buttons? I made 'em myself out of polymer clay some years ago:

Just gotta sew them on and figure out buttonholes (the pattern tells you to crochet them on, but I don't think that will make the button bands match up very well), and then I'll be done!

Inside-out comfort socks
I ripped back what I'd originally done on the leg, and the heel, and then ripped back the foot to the correct starting point for the heel. I then did the heel a second time, and re-started the leg. I'm now working on the top ribbing.

Snuggly romper for DD2
And finally, we have a project that was finished long ago, but which only recently became the right size for its intended recipient.

I can't stand how adorable she is in this thing. It's pure cuddle inspiration. Okay, I can't resist. One more shot:


Aven said...

OMG, she is earth-shatteringly adorable in the romper! Well done you, in so many ways!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

It is a great relief to discover a blogger who puts WIP Insanity right up there in her title. I too have far too many WIPs - and yes, I cast on for two more pairs of socks the other day, and am even now wondering if I should start some really tiny baby socks for one new little friend and another due on Christmas Day.

But Ragna is the real lure. Yes, I have Starmore's St. Enda on the needles which should be enough cabling challenge for anyone, but Lavold -
(just don't ask about the other projects - but then, maybe, just maybe you're equally as bad?)

The J said...

I gave up on the Christmas knitting this year - last year it was dedicated present-only knitting from Sept-end Nov (to ship overseas). Not doing it again. Then again, it's DH's family, and he's yet to think of something else, and we've got less than 2 weeks before has-to-be-shipped by...

I'll probably start a list for next year ;).

But apparently non-pressure knitting isn't nearly so much fun as it is when you've got other things you should be doing! My WIPs are languishing from lack of inspiration...

(and, OMG is that ever CUTE!)

Carrie K said...

Cute! Cute! And that Ragna looks fab so far. Even if it is squeaky. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your family......

Five? FIVE! Good gravy.