Monday, August 20, 2007

Take me out to absolutely nowhere

I think I'm one of the very few GTA knitters who did not make it out to the Stitch n' Pitch on Wednesday. A thousand curses on my cash-strapped situation. (Mind you, even if I had money to burn, my husband's work schedule never gives him Wednesday evenings off, so I was screwed anyway.) I feel seriously forlorn and socially deprived. Poo.

(No pictures today, sorry, the stress level is high.)

Mitred baby blanket
This project is another reason I've been holing myself up in the house. I'm nervous that I'm very, very doomed. I've only recently hit the halfway point of the blanket, and yet I've got to complete it (including grafting 99 stitches) before Sunday at noon. Throw in a teething-cranky baby, the need to bake banana coconut squares for the shower, and losing a day of knitting between now and the shower to an all-day family reunion, and you start to see why I'm desperately nervous. I calculate that I have something in the neighbourhood of 36,000 stitches to knit before I can even start the grafting. I am in full-on panic mode.

Rainbow lace blanket
Knitting is done. All that's left is to weave in the ends and wash it in Ivory Snow.

Dress socks #2 for DH
I got some of the toe done at the last sock class. It still needs a fair bit more decreasing before I can finish off the first sock.

Larry's Cashmere Cabled Pullover for DH
Thank you, everybody, for your opinions on how to apply the navy to the sweater. Option five was your favourite as well - that's the one where I make the sleeves entirely out of the navy, with the rim of the neckline done in navy also. Unfortunately, there is no way that my two skeins of navy (well, in actual fact, I have three, but one of them is not the same colour as the other two) will make two sleeves. So, the next best thing seems to be option #2. This (which Tumblina also thought of) is actually the same as option #5, but with navy stripes on the sleeves instead of all-navy sleeves. So what I've done is to start the body in the steel blue. I may or may not go back to Knitters Attic to get enough navy to do two whole sleeves, depending on how much I can get done on the body with the amount of steel blue that I have.

Tubey for moi
The knitting on this sweater is now complete. I have cast off and tried it on, and it's verrry revealing across the chest. You can see a great deal of bra, and if I were to eliminate that problem by removing the bra, a simple slight accidental pulling down of the front of the sweater would, shall we say, begin a rather thrilling game of peek-a-boo. I am definitely going to have to sew the front up along the sides of the shrug part to 'modest things up'. Some additional sewing around the armpits to stop the stitches from gaping from stress is probably also called for.

Foot-pampering socks for moi
I took this to the park a week or two ago to work on while DD1 clambered on the playscape and pranced in the waterpark. Just got a few rows done, but hey, progress is progress.

Slippers for DD1
DD1 has requested red knitted slippers. I am trying to oblige. I have some pinkish-red chunky weight wool/acrylic left over from this project that looked like it might be enough for slippers for a four-year-old. I found this pattern and gave it a whirl. I like the pattern very, very much, it is dead dopey simple and quick. However, it uses up far too much yarn in the garter stitch for me to be able to make two slippers out of it. So my next move was to try using stocking stitch instead, but I also went up a size just to make absolutely sure they would fit. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to run out of yarn again doing it that way. I think I might stand a chance at having enough yarn for both slippers if I do stocking stitch in the smallest size. Stay tuned.

Ravelry update
You signed up on July 6, 2007
You are #14465 on the list.
4883 people are ahead of you in line.
12616 people are behind you in line.
34% of the list has been invited so far

With the new servers coming, and Casey's plan to invite 5,000 people a week once they're up and running, it shouldn't be long now! I'm very excited!


Aven said...

I'm very sad about the Stitch and Pitch, too -- I'm a big Jays fan, and was really excited when I found out they were going to do this promotion -- and then we went and moved out of town 15 days before it. Boo.

Good luck with the panic knitting! (And the teething baby... I feel your pain!)

Em said...

I was another non-attendee to S&P (and I live mere blocks away!). I'm trying to console myself that money saved by not going to ballgames just means a little bit more for yarn :)

p.s. Lerthan/Roan/Mel will be coming with me to LK this week! It'd be great to see you if you could, though it's be nice to see you anytime, really!

Carrie K said...

Ravelry's great but I don't appreciate it enough.

My, my, you're keeping a lot of UFO's in rotation!

There will never be enough money for me to go to a Stitch & Pitch.....but then again, not a big sportsfan. Sorry you couldn't make it though!

walkergirl said...

As the recipient of the blanket that caused panic, THANK YOU, as I said yesterday it's a work of art and I'm so honored you would create something so beautiful for Baby E!

Anonymous said...

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