Wednesday, July 04, 2007


So I went to the Knitters Attic Canada Day sale.

That thar is as follows:

  • ten 50g balls of Patons Astra (100% acrylic sportweight) in royal purple: $15
  • seven 50g balls of Emu Superwash DK (100% superwash wool DK weight) in royal purple: $2.48 per ball
  • ten 50g skeins of Alpaca Indiecita (100% alpaca worsted weight) in a gorgeous bottle green: $25 (yes, that's right, $25 for 500g of alpaca - don't hate me, there's lots left, in numerous colours)

Sale ends Friday.

Larry's Cabled Cashmere Pullover for DH
What you don't see in the stash enhancement photo is the yarn I'm going back to the store for tomorrow. They have the alpaca yarn in blues which seem to be excellent matches for the blues that my MIL gave me for this project. However, I obviously need a side-by-side comparison before I can know whether they're truly the same. If the steel blue at the shop is a match to what I've got, I'll buy more of that. Otherwise, I'll get a few balls of the dark blue from the shop and use it as an accent colour on the cuffs, neck and bottom of the sweater - this strategy will free up more of the steel blue, thus ensuring I have enough yarn to redo the whole thing in the large size. (Basically, no matter what, I win...except for the part where I rip out everything I've done so far and start again with the instructions for the next size up. A thousand curses.)

Cotton lace doily
The other reason I'm going back to the shop tomorrow is that I left my pattern for the doily there. (Brilliant.) I could just print off another copy from the Internet, but this is one of those patterns where I've had to check off each row as I finish it, so I'd like to have my copy back if possible.

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