Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just a simple knitting update

Self-patterning socks #3 for DH
Done! I finished them on Saturday morning while DH was at work, wrapped them up and gave them to him at the joint party for him and my mom that evening. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to take pictures of the finished project - stay tuned.

Muppet roadkill
I have turned the first corner on the edging!

I'm trying to get several edging repeats done a day so I can have a hope in hell of finishing this thing soon. Ideally, I'd like to have it ready for DD1's 'friends' birthday party in a few weeks.

Selbu Mittens
So I was looking for something to read while I took a soak in an epsom bath (anyone who's ever been postpartum will probably understand the purpose of that), and I pulled out Marcia Lewandowski's Folk Mittens. Browsing along, I came to the "Selbu Mittens"...and something snapped. I was consumed by a desire to make these mittens. I don't know why these mittens specifically. There are lots of absolutely gorgeous mittens in the book, yet I fixated on these.

So, Monday I started up on mitten #1, and by yesterday afternoon...

I had a mitten.

This is the back:

And this is a shot of the inside of the thumb:

I adore it. I am obsessed by it. I think it looks totally kick-ass. Unfortunately, I am less than enthused about making a mate for it - I gave into the craving to knit a Selbu mitten, and now that a Selbu mitten has been knitted, the craving is assuaged.

Fortunately, I have months to get over this Second Mitten Syndrome before the weather gets cold.

(Yep, the mittens will be for me. I also had DH try on the mitten so I could see how much I'd need to change up the pattern to make something to fit him. Turns out the length is fine on him, I just have to add some width.)

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Carrie K said...

That Selbu mitten is tres cool! But you have to knit a mate for it. Look how Frankenstein turned out, with no one to turn to. (Or something like that. Why is the second one so dang hard?)

Muppet roadkill is actually quite pretty.