Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just for fun, I decided to hunt for "knitting" shops close to my home on the Yellow Pages website today. To my extreme surprise, the search engine returned something less than a kilometre from my house. Knitters Attic has apparently just opened up - their opening sale started March 31. Yes. I can freakin' WALK to a LYS now. I am beyond stoked. They even have what sounds like an SnB (described as a "Knitting Club") on Sunday afternoons. Dudes, I am so there. It took all my willpower to keep from packing up the baby, abandoning the rest of my family and heading right out to the shop the second I realised all this.

Damn, I wish I had more money to spend on yarn.

Y'think they might want part-time help? ;)

(But of course I will still be going out to SnBs at Lettuce Knit. The awesome people there are so totally worth driving downtown for.)

Snuggly romper for Elizabeth
Buttons were procured. Romper is complete!



Mendocino jacket for DD1
Obviously I've been on a button-gathering expedition since my last blog entry, because I bought buttons for this project, too. They have been sewn on, and now all that remains is to block it. As much as I'd like to avoid this final step, it is definitely necessary, not only to flatten some of the seams and stop the bottom edges from curling up, but also because when DD1 tried it on, she complained that it felt itchy at the sleeve cuffs where the yarn touched her skin. (Well, actually she described it as "freckly", but I know she really meant "prickly".) So some Eucalan will be required to soften up the fibres a bit.

Feather/fan blanket for DD1
Work continues - I've finished the first ball of yarn and am working my way through the second. It's still hideous. An acquaintance of mine actually suggested than it looked more like "Muppets in a blender" than Muppet vomit, and as sick as that imagery is, I unfortunately have to agree with her. DD1 continues to think the blanket is cool as all get-out.


Carrie K said...

Firstly, how cute!

And secondly, oh! how potentially financially catastrophic! But way cool.

Bliss said...

I love the baby romper. Can you tell me where to find the pattern? Many thanks!


Emer said...

You go to Lettuce Knit's night? I've always wanted to check it out (I'm usually a solitary knitter), but worried that people would think I was just there to stalk the Yarn Harlot... Maybe I could meet up with you there sometime!