Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yes, I do read my comments

And I love them! Unfortunately, I'm not always the best at responding to them immediately, and that's how we end up with a huge backlog of comments responses in a single blog post...

Firstly, thank you everybody who wrote with compliments on the recently-finished projects. I'm very, very happy with everything I've been able to accomplish in the last few months - it's been a nice change from the fall when I couldn't stand to pick up the knitting at all.

Particular thanks to those of you who complimented me not only on the cardigan I knitted for my daughter, but her cuteness as well. :) I'm not sure where that sheepish/embarrassed expression came from...she unfortunately has developed a habit of mugging for the camera with a super-cheezy and not-at-all-genuine smile, so I was trying to make her laugh and be a bit more natural. That's what came out. I thought it was great, even though you can't see much of her face in the shot.

Naturally, I've been enjoying all the Christmas knitting gifts you guys congratulated me on. Unfortunately, the ear lamp that Charalynne M. liked has run into a bit of a snag. The problem is that the button needs only a faint touch to turn on. I've tried storing it in a part of my bag that is shaped, roomy, and mostly empty so that there will be no pressure applied to the button as I haul it around, but unfortunately I keep going into the pocket and finding the light already on. (Grr.) As a result, the beam is now weak almost to the point of uselessness, and I need to get a new battery. And also some kind of box to store the light in so this doesn't happen again. (I am hoping against hope that I don't also need to get a new bulb since it's a halogen and I have no idea where I could get a replacement.)

I also got comments about my 'weird things about me' meme, particularly the bellybutton thing. Which brings up an interesting incident from today - I had my first appointment with my backup midwife, and she asked about my scar. When I told her where it was from, she thought it was tremendously cool. Oemphalocile is a congenital defect, so she's seen plenty of babies with the problem, but never an all-healed-up grownup. It's times like these that I remember I'm a bit of a conversation piece. However, many of you think that my lack of bellybutton is a clear indication that I am a clone. I would like to go on record right now as denying this. It's just not true. No, really. The prevailing theory among many of my friends is actually that I'm a faerie. (Yes. Much more mystical and intriguing than that clone thing.) However, Tanya also has a point - I am a Muppet. (You have to watch me talk animatedly to really understand how this is possible.)

Gill, of course, having known me since I was seven, was already aware of the bellybutton thing (and would probably agree with Tanya on the Muppet theory). However, something I didn't know about her was that she also sloshes! How relieving to hear that I'm not the only one. (And WELL do I remember those agendas, by the way. I don't even want to think about how many times "Russell Johnson" appears instead of the homework assignments I was supposed to have been writing down.)

Ella offered the suggestion that I could be one of those people that drains the life force from watch batteries. I have actually heard of this phenomenon...it's certainly possible that I am afflicted with this problem. I think I might just take her suggestion and Google it. Who knows...maybe there's a cure. Maybe I just need more beets in my diet or something...

In response to the descriptions of my forays into genealogical research, some of you regaled me with very interesting stories from your own heritages - thank you! The five additional certificates I ordered came in and they contained some verrry interesting information that I can probably take further once I have the cash to pay for some really good research access. I keep having to tell myself that this will happen eventually and that the past is not going anywhere while I wait.

Anyway, back to more knitting-related content...

Nikeroo saw the finished shots of my MIL's Garden Shawl and asked how I "manage to spend so much time making something so beautiful and not go stir crazy?" Answer: I'm not sure. Part of it was probably having so many different other projects to fall back on when things got tough. Because there was a lot of it that was definitely crazy-making, ESPECIALLY the interminable edging. But mostly it was really fascinating watching all the motifs take shape, and getting more and more excited about how fantastic the finished product was going to look. Also, there's not much else to do on an 80-minute commute.

Aven, I hope we bump into each other at a SnB soon, too. Maybe tomorrow? The Peacock Feathers Shawl pattern I ordered came in late last week and I'm totally going to be there.

And I agree with Carrie K that my DH has a great attitude towards knitting. We should all be so fearless - the learning curves would be steeper, yes, but the knowledge and experience gained would be immense.

Alright! Enough with the comments responses already! Have I actually been knitting this week, you may ask? Answer: Hell, yes.

Elizabethan Jacket for MIL
Carrie K confirmed my 'good daughter-in-law' status and boggled at the fact that I was doing Christmas presents already. Yes, I am just that sick and twisted. Sorry. :)

Anyway...this is still my new favourite project. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out why:

I'm so enamoured of it that I am even willing to show you the reverse side:

Unfortunately, all is not perfect in Newfavouriteprojectland. For one thing, I screwed up more times than I care to count on the dart pattern. Let's just say there will be a fair amount of duplicate stitching to correct things. As well, I completely missed the part of the instructions which told me to work 5 additional rows after doing all the dart decreases, and then pleat the darts. Yep, you guessed it - instead, I pleated the darts immediately after I finished the decreases. Four to six rows later, I finally read that fateful instruction and...frogged the whole thing back. Couldn't avoid it - my mistake was very likely to result in a structural change to how the darts functioned. Bleah.

As well, I have this problem:

The skein on the bottom is about how big the skein on the top was when I started. And I have about half the body and two sleeves left to go. I am so screwed.

However, on the upside, I am absolutely gleeful over the fact that all the billions of ends resulting from the colour changes happen in the middle of the steeks, which means there will be NO NEED TO WEAVE THEM ALL IN! Muahahahahaha!

Now, if only I could be assured that I won't run out of the red...

The Girlfriend Shrug for DD
Thank you so much, Mel...she suggested I try to get some more of the yarn I need for this project from Wool-Tyme. I don't think I'd ever heard of these people before, but you can bet I have it bookmarked now! Unfortunately, they don't sell Plymouth stuff, but it's still great to know about them. However, the biggest shout-out goes to Trico, who de-lurked to call my attention to the Sockotta sale page at Yarn Discontinued, which I am almost POSITIVE is the place where I thought I'd seen the Sockotta on sale! You doll, you, thank you so much! Unfortunately, none of the colours on sale are the ones I need, but at least I can put that ghost of "I know I saw it somewhere" to rest. Merci.

Unfortunately, all this means I am still short the yarn I need for this project, but I can't tell you how appreciative I am for the help. You guys rock.


kelpkim said...

what a post.
what a great post!
and the weaving in the ends/steeks thing--how GREAT!!!
let me join you--Muahahahaha!
and lastly,
TAG! You are IT!
(yet another lame meme to do...)

Carrie K said...

I assure you, you will not run out of the red.

[crosses fingers, prays, and knocks wood]. Wow, that jacket is really, really gorgous. Must.Not.Look.For.It.Online.

I'll concedeto faerie, which does sound much more enticing and might also explain your knitting witchery. But you know there's a chance you a twin that's just loafing around.....