Friday, January 05, 2007

So I'm weird

Alright, at last I have gotten off my heinie and come up with some stuff for the 'six weird things about me' meme. Some of them are lame, I'll admit - I'm positive there's stuff about me that's far more weird than some of the things on this list, but I can't seem to think of any of them right now.

  1. Once I've had a drink, if I jump/bounce/wiggle, you can hear the water sloshing and glurgling around inside me. I thought this was normal until I met my husband, who had never heard of such a thing. Even better? My daughter inherited this trait from me. Oh, joy.

  2. I don't have a bellybutton. I've never had a bellybutton. This is why.

  3. I eat my pizza crusts-first. This is because I like to save the best part (CHEESE!) for last. My daughter never fails to point out that I eat pizza strangely whenever we're having it for dinner. ("I eat my pizza like this," she tells me, turning it crusts-last.)

  4. Although I like chocolate itself, I don't like things made out of chocolate - cakes, cookies, drinks, ice cream, etc.

  5. I am the anti-watch. For the last 5 years or so, I have been without a watch on my wrist most of the time because something has happened to every watch I've had. The really nice James Bond-branded Swatch watch that I got as a freebie from work...the battery died. (I would like to add that every other single person in my department also got one of these watches, and they're still ticking. Coincidence? I think not.) My parents got me a beautiful custom watch with a picture of me kissing my daughter on the face. About two months later, again, the battery died. (Yes, yes, I know I can go and get a jeweller to replace watch batteries for a pittance. I just haven't gotten around to it yet, that's all.) Out of guilt, my parents got me a watch when they were in South Carolina on vacation a few months ago...turned out it was a bracelet-style watch instead of a strap-style watch and was waaaaaay too big for me. And so on. My husband remains appalled at a) the number of watches I've gone through and b) the fact that I never have any idea what time it is.

  6. Sometimes things will tickle my funny bone so much that I will go off on a really long and hard laughing jag, like 10 minutes. Again, this was a facet of me that I thought was totally normal until the first time my husband set me off like this. He honestly thought I was having some sort of seizure, and got a little scared, until he realised it was just uncontrollable mirth. The kicker is that usually the things which get me going with a big, long laugh aren't even that funny, generally speaking.

I don't tag others with memes. But if you feel like doing this yourself, consider yourself tagged.

Ljod cardigan for moi
And now...a picture:

The Girlfriend Shrug for DD
Wednesday night, DH and I polished off our suppers before DD, so I told her I was going to go to the basement and do laundry while she finished eating.

"But Mummy," she said, "can you knit at the table with me and THEN go do laundry?"

Well. Twist my arm, eh? I completely abandoned the laundry plan and brought the shrug project out instead. At that point, there were 70 stitches on the sleeve, and I tried it on her arm: pretty darn tight. So I kept knitting and increasing until I had 74 stitches, and tried it again: not bad, but it could really do with some more ease. Last night I got to 76 and tried it on her again this morning: still not quite loose enough for my taste. But I think I'll have to stop at 78 or I won't have a hope in hell of finishing this thing with just the one ball of yarn. (As it is, I'm probably completely screwed already. But time and more knitting will tell.)

Naturally, she's really curious about what I could be making, but I'm trying to keep her in the dark as much as possible to retain a bit of the element of surprise.

Larry's Cabled Cashmere Sweater for DH
At last! Something inline with The Schedule!

Well, to be honest, this week The Schedule says I'm supposed to start the Peacock Feathers Shawl for my mom. However, since I don't have the pattern (I ordered it, but it hasn't come in yet), starting it would be quite difficult. :) So, I'm fast-forwarding to what I have to do next week instead.

Therefore, the new goal for this week is to get half of the back of the Larry's sweater finished. Happily, I reached this goal at lunch yesterday.

Back of the sweater as of last night

Don't be too impressed with my speed, though - I'd already had about six inches done when I started back in on it on Tuesday. Still, I'm working through it pretty fast. And the yarn is really, really heavenly - sooo deliciously soft as it flows through my fingers. The weird thing, though, is that with my Ljod cardigan project, I get more tactile pleasure out of the yarn when I knit it English style. However, with this sweater, I get more tactile pleasure out of the yarn when I knit it continental style. This doesn't make any sense to me, but I'm not going to think too hard about it. Whatever makes my hands happy, I'll go with that.


Mrs. M. said...

I wondered if your belly button would make the list. :)

I totally get the 10-minute laughing fit thing; I think you and I had more than one of those together when we were in high school, thanks in large part to the running commentary we used to pen into each other's agendas. My husband is as baffled as yours is when I have a fit like that nowadays.

Mrs. M. said...

Oh, and I slosh too. Always have.

Ella said...

There are actually some people who for whatever reason cause watch batteries to expire rapidly! I have worked with a couple of people who have had the same problem, not sure why. Maybe you could google it?

Carrie K said...

Ljod looks great! Those earmuffs are pretty cool looking too.

Don't believe the doctors/your parents. You are clearly a clone. Silly girl. Eveyone (but clones) have belly buttons. It's as if you don't watch TV at all.....;)

Tanya said...

You forgot to mention that you're a Muppet!

(and the cardigan is soooo pretty!!)

kelpkim said...

I think Carriek is right. you are a clone. clearly, it's quite obvious. no bellybutton? Clone!
:o)the wips are looking very wippish and very nice! glad to see that you are enjoying the yarn so much that you are knitting with! i'm a little high on caffeine right now. words are not forming sentences very well. very fragmented right now. ADD-esque.
hope you have a great day! :o)