Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Missing out

Lettuce Knit holiday SnB par-tay tonight. I'm ready - I've got the banana coconut squares all sealed up in my bag, ready to go. I've got several knitting projects with me. I've got a faint hope that my Peacock Feathers Shawl pattern is waiting for me at the shop - I've brought the yarn and needles I will need to start it (which is probably a sure guarantee that the pattern won't be in yet, Murphy's Law being what it is...but I live in hope).

Unfortunately, there are some people I won't be seeing. :( Aven is in Ottawa this week, so she won't be there. Moreoever, by not going last week, I probably missed out on seeing her new baby! Waaaaah! I'm also going to miss seeing Amy, who also seems to be out of town this week...but again, was apparently there last week.


However, I also know that there will be plenty of other gloriously lovely people there with whom I expect to have a kick-ass evening.

About the meme

I'm trying to think of 6 weird things about me. I don't understand why things aren't immediately springing to mind, since I am pretty weird compared to most people...must be a mental block. My Christmas to-do list must be getting to me. Yeah, that's it. Stay tuned.

About the dancing baby

Mel brightened my spirits considerably by telling me that her daughter Abi was very active but a good sleeper. This is UNBELIEVABLY heartening, because my daughter has always been pretty crappy at the sleep thing, and unfortunately it turns out that my kid not going to sleep is an anger trigger for me. Needless to say, I am hoping against hope that this next one has more talent in the somnolence department.

About the lace shawl

Thank you so much, Aven, Carrie K and Kelpkim, for your compliments on the shawl. FourFive [clearly my counting skills leave much to be desired] more sleeps until Plotz Day! I will, of course, be detailing my MIL's reaction here after Christmas.

Stornaway sweater for DH
Knitting is complete! I finished the casting off on sleeve #2 on my morning commute, right about when I needed to start packing up so I could get off the train for work. PERFECT. At lunch I will be sewing in ends, and tomorrow night I plan to go over to my parents' place to block it.

Arabesque blanket for Alex Mendez
My co-worker very kindly brought the blanket to work with him yesterday, and it is now in my front hall waiting to be weighed.

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Aven said...

I was sorry to miss you, too -- it was too bad the Christmas party was postponed, because I would have loved to see lots of people who ended up not coming last week. I didn't tell anyone I was coming down because I wasn't sure I would make it -- planning anything is a bit chancy right now! But I'll be trying to get back early in the New Year, so maybe we'll see each other then.

I'm glad you had a good Christmas -- so did we; I'll try to blog about it soon!