Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Looking ahead

As I'm sure most of us are aware (being knitters and all), Christmas is coming. But as much as I still have lots of things to do before that big day, I still have to acknowledge that after Christmas comes the new year.

And a new year requires a new Schedule. So here we go.

My knitting goals this year:

  • Christmas presents
  • Moving forward on my goal of earning a bit of a living with my knitting designs
  • Expanding DH's collection of knitted socks
  • Knitting for the new baby
  • Crossing items off my WIP list that have been around for a while
  • Not filling up The Schedule so ridiculously that I can't meet my other responsibilities

To that end, I have come up with the following:

  • Design and knit some baby overalls (est. 3 weeks of work)
  • Design and knit a baby jacket (est. 4 weeks of work)
  • 2 pairs of socks for DH (est. 1 week of work apiece)
  • Design and knit the "Like, totally" top, and submit it to Knitty (est. 4 weeks of work)
  • Design and knit a baby sleep sack (est. 4 weeks of work)
  • Peacock Feathers Shawl Christmas gift for my mom (est. 6 weeks of work)
  • Design and knit a lacy baby shawl (est. 6 weeks of work)
  • Larry's Cabled Cashmere Pullover Christmas gift for DH (est. 9 weeks of work)
  • Some kind of Christmas gift for my MIL (est. 9 weeks of work)
  • Design and knit a baby blanket (est. 5 weeks of work)

As I did last year (which ended up working really well), I've figured out when each of these projects should be accomplished, have broken 2007 down week-by-week, and assigned each week a knitting task, making sure that I don't spend too many weeks in a row on the same project, since my knitting attention span is pretty fickle. Result: A new Schedule for 2007, now primed and ready to go in my sidebar.

(Anal? Moi? The hell, you say.)

And now, back to the present...

Foot-pampering socks for Mom

Completed socks

'In action' (better colour representation in this shot, too)

For those of you who can see that the socks appear to be too long for my feet, rest assured that this is okay, because my mom's feet are longer than mine. And hey, if the socks do end up being a bit too long for her feet anyway, I can fix that.

BTW, they feel soooooo good on the feet. My mom's pretty lucky they're too big for me, otherwise I'd be tempted to keep 'em for myself.

Stornaway sweater for DH
Just five more stitches left on the underarm gussets! The halfway point of the second sleeve is definitely approaching.


Carrie K said...

The socks look great!

You're so close to being done, DH's Stornaway sweater! See? You can do it. At least you'll have something to do while The Baby dances all night.

Crossing fingers on the Knitty submission! Nice of him to let you take the blanket to weigh it.

Craftygrrrl said...

You have been tagged...