Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do you know this car?

Friday morning we were, as usual, heading south on the 404, and DH exclaimed, "Look!"

I did so, and what should I see in front of us but a silver Honda Civic with the following licence plate:


The plate cover read something like "Newmarket Honda", so I surmised that the car's home was somewhere further north of where I live, like Newmarket (duh) or maybe Aurora. Which got me thinking...maybe the car belongs to the proprieter(s) of one of the Aurora LYSes? Or the head of the York Region Knitting Guild? Who knows! It was an exciting moment, anyway, for a knitting geek. We had the opportunity to pass the car later, and it was peopled by two women, one younger, say in her 30s or 40s (at the wheel); and one older, say in her 50s or 60s (knitting...again, duh).

I so desperately wanted to hold up the in-progress knitting that I was carrying around in my bag as we passed them so we could all have a moment of knitters' solidarity, but unfortunately the project in my bag was DH's Christmas sweater, which he would have seen if I'd taken it out and held it proudly aloft. Ah, well.

So...anybody know for sure who owns this car?

Stornaway sweater for DH
This is coming along very well indeed. I have passed the halfway point of sleeve #2:

However, as you can see, I still have a ways to go:

Shouldn't be a problem, though. My speed on the sleeve continues to be good.

Garden Shawl for MIL
Done! Done! Done like dinner! I soaked it in Eucalan this morning, and blocked the life out of it on my bed. I was worried I wouldn't have enough pins, but it turns out I had lots to spare. Phew. Here it is blocking on my bed:

Incidentally, I am completely high on my own genius at the moment. The white covering you are seeing on my bed (under the shawl) is not a bedsheet, but rather a huge swath of terry cloth. Some years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I went out and bought a whole bunch of cotton flannellette and terry cloth for sewing diaper stuff. I did make a lot of diapers (and doublers...and wipes...), but not nearly enough to use up all the fabric. Then, this morning, as I was fretting about all the pinholes I was about to make in my sheets, as well as the dampness I was about to impose on the whole bed, I remembered the leftover terry cloth. This stuff is 60" wide - more than enough to cover our queen-sized bed - and there's probably about 4-5 yards left of it at least. Unlike using lots of towels, this stuff can cover the whole bed in a single piece so that whatever I block on top of it stays absolutely flat (as opposed to doing a bit of a 'hump' thing wherever towels would overlap or gather). PERFECT. In fact, I'm going to cut myself a big, bed-sized piece of the stuff for future blocking projects, and I will still have lots of terry cloth left over to make more diapers for the new baby. I am ridiculously pleased with myself over this.

Just for fun, here's another blocking shot, in different light:

(I admit that I Photoshopped this shot a bit so that you would see darkness beside the bed instead of the mess on the floor. I have my pride.)

You will, of course, get more shots once it's all dry. Wide shots on a dark background so you can see the pattern, closeups of motifs, etc. I expect I'll go pretty nuts with the camera, actually.

(Mel has tagged me for a meme...I'll probably do it next entry. Stay tuned.)

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