Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PG blog

I would like to assure readers (especially kelpkim ;) ) that despite being findable via extremely questionable search criteria such as 'phallic socks' and even 'mistress hard for wip me' (don't ask), this blog does contain mostly family-friendly content. (It is about knitting, after all, which means there is some unavoidable swearing...you have been warned.)

In fact, to reassure you, here is a quick peek at some of the most recent keywords used to find this blog:

  • sock yarn self patterning
  • knitting gauge
  • the knitted garden shawl pattern
  • orenburg shawl knit
  • elizabeth i starmore
  • cashmere pullover
  • cotton licious yarn
  • intrigue textures knitting patterns (I like that one)
  • sea silk handmaiden

Not bad, right? All good, clean, knitting-related stuff. However, one did make me shudder: 'working with novelty yarn'. :)

Arabesque blanket for baby Mendez
Yarn has run out. Okay, well technically I still have some left, but all the rest is in pretty short lengths. Alas, there has still been no real opportunity to take a trip to Zellers and pick up more. Soon. Soon.

Garden Shawl for MIL
I worked a bit more on the edging of this while floundering around on my other projects. I've done about two or three more pattern repeats. Nothing tremendously exciting, but when things get this tedious, every move forward helps.

Stornaway sweater for DH
Shoulder strap #2 is complete and the neck has been started! The neck is a bit rough going because there are barely enough stitches to fit around the circular. Combine that with the fact that it's a neckline and I therefore have to lift the sweater off my lap quite frequently to untwist things, and you have a knitter who is not totally feeling the love. But it's coming along.

Wheelie for our car
Toronto-area blogland (and bloglands from other regions throughout North America) has been filled recently with descriptions of the incredible heat we've been experiencing lately. I wanted to be original and avoid discussing it, but I can't. Why? Because the heat has been making the steering wheel of our car so hot lately that DH has announced we need to fork out for a steering wheel cover. As soon as he said this I thought of this pattern. The heat has since gotten far more reasonable around here, but I think DH's desire for a steering wheel cover remains. I'm thinking of using the leftover blue tweed Sirdar acrylic/cotton/wool yarn from my daughter's Carnival Coat. Obviously I need to do some swatching but I think the gauge is about right.

Textured cardigan for baby Harding
This has been the main focus of my knitting in the past week or so. I ditched the pattern I'd previously been trying to make work and came up with another one. Many, MANY swatches were made. (And not coincidentally, my frustration with the whole thing increased.) However, this weekend I finally hit pay dirt with one of my pattern/needle size/yarn gauge combinations. DH looked at the swatch and gave it the big thumbs-up, agreeing with me that the motif I was going for was absolutely visible.

After that I started in on the math. So far I've written out the instructions for the back and the sleeves.

Unfortunately it turns out that I am too stupid to follow my own freakin' directions and have had to redo the bottom ribbing on the back at least three times. Finally this afternoon I successfully finished it. Flushed with triumph at having accomplished that pathetic milestone, I then proceeded to screw up the main motif, too. Le sigh. I think, however, that I now have it started properly, and it seems to be going pretty well. Stay tuned for the continuing comedy of errors that is me trying to design a baby cardigan.


kelpkim said...

ha!!! i haven't even finished reading the entry and i must write something! wip me! wip me good! (from an 80s song...whip it!...or something like that...)
anyway, i wanted to comment on
"novelty yarn"...shudder...
okay, i wanted to take a class at my LYS and it said for part of the supply list--"1 skein of fun fur yarn"....WHAT?! i mean, okay, it was to make a Huggable Hedghog and i mean, it was absolutely huggable. and it needed fun fur for the "spiky" back. but for the love of all that is knitted and good in this world--fun fur?!
i didn't take the class. partly because i couldn't deal with spending perfectly good money on fun fur...and i had to work. :o)

Carrie K said...

I found you originally by googling "Elizabeth I".

Oh man, I hadn't seen that Wheelie! And now I must knit one for my car.

I'm sorry you're not feeling the love for my sweater. Er, DH's sweater. ;)

kelpkim said...

ooooh! i definitely have to make a wheelie!!! during our heat wave a couple weeks back, i burned my hands and fingers repeatedly trying to handle a sizzling steering wheel after hours of sitting in the hot sun, with the windows up! augh! i feel your pain...and i think there is another heat wave coming our way right now...

Wannietta said...

lol - what people are looking for in these searches is beyond me! I had someone hit my blog from a search for "squatting to pee". It was an innocent post about the stranded bus and the poor childrens' desperation.

Purl Needlemeyer said...

When my 14 year old daughter and I were planning a spa trip to NYC we googled "best facial". Talk about shocked??