Monday, July 31, 2006

When stats go bad

Okay. Honest to heaven, I am NOT kidding about this...someone actually found this blog last month by Googling "phallic socks".

And that's all I'll say. I think it's perhaps best not to think too much about that one.

Stornaway sweater for DH
One thing my blog stats don't tell me is that Carrie K is stalking this sweater. Wannietta also sent along a lovely compliment about it, but Carrie says that she covets it and wants me to give it to her.

She does have a point, though: I don't think he'd notice if I sent it to her (aside from the minor point of then having nothing under the Christmas tree for him from his own wife). I think I have thus far been successful in concealing it from him. But I had a narrow escape on Saturday morning. As usual, I was up before anyone else, and decided to pass the time by starting in on shoulder strap #2. I was EXTREMELY paranoid and kept leaning forward to look down the hall about every thirty seconds to make sure that he was not coming. However, the #$*&@-er managed to surprise me ANYWAY. I did the only thing I could think of - threw the sweater aside desperately into a corner of the room he couldn't see from his vantage point (I don't think I dropped any stitches in the process...I haven't had the courage to check yet), and tried to cover with my A Very Harlot Poncho project (a pathetic ruse, given the obvious throwing of knitting and the panicked expression on my face).

And do you know, the dear man apologized for walking in on me! He assures me that he saw nothing. (I hope this is not just an attempt to make me feel better.) Yes indeed, he deserves the sweater. Sorry, Carrie. :)

Arabesque blanket for baby Mendez
Triumph - I am three-quarters done the body and it is looking really cool. Despair - I am fast running out of yarn and DH did not have a chance today to swing by the store and pick up more.

Pictures of this project continue to be absent from the blog due to the fact that I'm planning to submit it to Knitty (sorry, Carrie K). I've even worked up a first draft of a concept proposal. I'm pretty freakin' excited about this!

Thank you so much to all the very kind people who commisserated about my various aches and pains, and my daughter's head-smashing (the swelling is pretty much gone and the bruise is mostly yellow, and in some places, gone entirely - all hail the healing power inherent in the body of a human child), and who rejoiced at the gratitude shown by the recipients of this project. I have really lovely readers.

And finally, Gill slid in a zingy inquiry and then quickly retreated. The answer to her implied question is that...I have no answer. I am in limbo. Again, that's all I'll say. :)


kelpkim said...

what kind of blog is this?!
i'm so glad i found your blog--always something amusing to read, as well as good knitting stuff to read--that is sooo cool that you are submitting something to Knitty! good luck on that and I look forward to seeing your piece in the next issue!

Carrie K said...

Oh, that's right, I keep forgetting the Knitty thing. Oh, fine. Don't show me.

I'm just going to have to knit my own Stornaway (or thereabouts) I suppose. I hope DH is happy. ;)

Phallic socks? I keep hearing about the stats but I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.